Announcement of the 6th LT meeting in Krabi - April 28

Friends, welcome! Several people wrote that they did not have time for our previous meeting in Aonang, but they could have come in the second half of April. So let's meet! Otherwise, at the beginning of May we are already planning to leave for Moscow, and only there will be an opportunity to cross (in June, I think). Is April 28th okay? Or better than the 25th? How convenient is it to anyone?

I propose to meet again at Aonang Beach, at 17.00 hours. Just look at the sunset and chat, and the children will be able to dig deeper into the sand. The meeting point is on the left side of Aonang, where there is parking for cars and a bunch of massage parlors. Here are the coordinates - 8.028826,98.824338

Unsubscribe, please, those who can come. And write another date, if you cannot on the 28th. Plus or minus a few days the weather does not make, we will transfer it without problems.