Nui Beach on Phi Phi Don - a wild patch in the jungle

Nui Beach on Phi Phi is a pretty pretty and clean beach, where it is fun to swim even at low tide, only it is difficult to get there: walking over the rocks or sailing by boat. There are also brave comrades who are ready to row here on a rental kayak from Phi Phi Town itself, but I did not dare to do that..

When I was at Nui Beach itself, a group of people was brought with me on several boats to snorkel. Considering the amount of rocks in the water and all kinds of corals, this is in itself a rather good place for snorkeling than for a beach holiday. Walking here is not a good idea, it's better to take a taxi boat a couple of times during your vacation..

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Beach description

Beach for sealing and wild recreation. Like all miniature beautiful things, Nui Beach on Phi Phi Don is a special pleasure to visit. A patch of light yellow sand, 60 meters long and 30 meters wide, enclosed in a semicircular bay with high cliffs and dense jungle vegetation - a cinematically delightful place that should not exist in real life.

But here it was not without a fly in the ointment - tourists. Nui Beach is a fairly well-known place on Phi Phi Don, so boatmen disembark tourists during daylight hours, leaving only morning and evening hours for connoisseurs of silence and authenticity..

Entering the water, depth and waves

The beach is very shallow, gentle, despite the tall cliffs under which Nui Beach is located. Somewhere up to a hundred meters under water, a relatively clean surface is preserved, without stones and corals, and then a coral reef begins, with all the consequences.

The depth at high tide probably reaches the waist in ten meters from the coast, and at low tide the water goes to 130-150 meters. This cannot but affect the attractiveness of Nui Beach, so at low tide it is not a heavenly place at all..

Waves are extremely rare, due to the geographical location of the bay, although in the off-season it is not at all interesting to swim here.

Sun beds and shade

It is a wild beach with nothing but sand, stones and trees. Nui Beach is facing west, so until about noon there is still a shadow along the greenery and at the edges of the beach, but then the sun rises to its zenith, and you can't get away from it..

People come with their rugs and towels, or just sit on the sand as savages. Sun lounger rental is not provided here.

Beach photo

Nui Beach on Phi Phi Don - a wild patch in the jungle

Nui Beach, Phi Phi Don Island

Nui Beach, Phi Phi Don Island

Nui Beach on Phi Phi Don - a wild patch in the jungle

Nui Beach on Phi Phi Don - a wild patch in the jungle

Nui Beach on Phi Phi Don - a wild patch in the jungle

Nui Beach on Phi Phi Don - a wild patch in the jungle


What kind of infrastructure can be near the beach 60x30 meters? Boat service, and an impromptu jungle toilet behind the beach. That's the whole infrastructure. Of the attractions - a rather large grotto on the right end of Nui Beach, and a rich coral reef (by local standards).

People come here with fins and masks for snorkeling - you can see and shoot a lot of interesting things under the water. It should be noted that in my opinion, and the opinion of many Runet users, the Phi Phi Islands are included in TOP 10 best snorkeling spots in thailand.

Houses and hotels on the beach

There is no accommodation on the beach. The nearest buildings, from where you can get to Nui Beach by land, are located on the beaches Luo Lana (about 250 meters in a straight line) and Lo Ba Kao (almost a kilometer in a straight line). We must be frank: I'm not sure about the walking distance of these two beaches from Nui Beach..

I myself have not personally traveled overland there, and the scant information in the Runet speaks more about the theoretical possibility of walking through the jungle than about the presence of a beaten path. I did not find any photos or reports on trekking to Nui Beach on the network, so in the comments I am waiting for your feedback if you have such an experience..

Using the link below, you will be taken to a general list of hotels around Phi Phi Don, but you click on the icon with a map and there you will already decide on accommodation options on Nui Beach. The island is so small that Roomguru doesn't even try to divide hotels by beaches..

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How to find the beach

In view of the wildness of the island itself and an unconfirmed walking route, the only option for you to get to Nui Beach is the sea. A boat with a guided tour, taxi boat rental or kayak rental - it doesn't matter. You will be brought to the bay, and you will be allowed to walk along the beach for a couple of hours. Ideally, have with you

Beach Map

Map of the beaches of Lo Ba Khao, Lo Lana and Nui Beach

Map of the beaches of Lo Ba Khao, Lo Lana and Nui Beach: