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Sai Noi beach is a compact beach behind Mount Khao Thao in the south of Hua Hin. It is located outside the (very conditional) city line, half an hour's bike ride from the center. Beach length - 200 meters; width - 20 meters And in fact Sai Noi is a cozy bay between the rocks. On one side is Tao, on the other is an unnamed rock that separates Sai Noi from the private beach of Sai Yai (a private beach of the Royal Family, guarded by the military).

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Beach description

The clear boundaries of the beach, miniature size, a fringe of rocks and greenery, remoteness from the noisy highway make Sai Noi beach a pretty, almost homely place. No wonder the Thais are so fond of him. On weekends and evenings, they come here in large companies and families - to swim, drink beer and ... take a picture as a souvenir against the backdrop of pale-faced ...

Sai Noi is clean enough. The right side, on which the infrastructure is located (sun loungers, two cafes), is regularly cleaned by the owners. «Draw» the area near Mount Tao is dirtier. Old tin cans and bags stick out of the sand. However, there are no glasses and cutting objects. However, after a serious storm, as well as on any beach, a lot of different things can appear here. I personally watched this picture, but it is rare.

The beach is richly covered with coarse refined sand and shells of unimaginable configurations. The sea water is opaque - as elsewhere in Hua Hin - due to almost constant waves.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Phuket, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Entering the water, depth and waves

The bottom is gently sloping, without surprises in the form of snags and sharp drops in depth. At the edge - rocky (medium-sized pebbles), then - comfortable sand. There is no silt, but the water, especially near the coast, is muddy. The reason is, as on other beaches of Hua Hin, - bright frequent ebb and flow. Water comes and loses position quite sharply, noticeable to the eye.

At low tide, the sea on Sai Noi runs off by 2-3 meters. The water area for swimming then (waist-deep or chest-deep) is 10 meters. You can swim and splash.

The tide changes the picture. The sea captures the extra 2-3 meters on the shore, and the water level rises significantly. Swimming pool - 3-4 meters from the shore (water level - up to the chest). Further, given the waves reaching half a meter, it is unsafe for those who cannot swim.

By the way, unlike Phuket, where the beaches go out to the open sea, in Hua Hin the waves do not pull into the sea, on the contrary, they are thrown ashore..

The undoubted plus of Sai Noi Beach is the lack of «biting» plankton in the water, which the city beach of Hua Hin suffers from. But jellyfish are too much. After the ebb and flow, crystal hills melt in the sun on the shore. Dozens of exhausted gorgons dangle in the water near the shore and can be dangerous. But Thais don't think so. Children bathe, not paying attention. Adults amuse themselves by throwing jellyfish at each other like balls.

In general, the most comfortable place for swimming on Sai Noi is on the right side of the beach, by the cliff. Here the waves are quieter, the jellyfish are smaller. Both very small children (in the arms of dads) and older ones (on their own) splash.
The wilder left part of Sai Noi is attractive in the following: a sculpture of a mermaid with a mermaid on the shore; a mound of shells; the foothills of Tao, flat, covered with grass and trees. Only Thais swim in this place.

Sun beds and shade

The beach infrastructure is located on the right side: several rows of sun loungers and umbrellas; two simple cafes with Thai food and drinks; makashnitka with cut fruits and sausage kebabs. Wooden wretched toilet. Self-contained parking for bikes on the side of the road. There, if you wish, you can squeeze a car.

The sun beds and umbrellas are pretty shabby. There are always free ones. The price depends on the time of day. From lunchtime - fixed price: 50 baht / sunbed (with an umbrella, if you ask); 2 sun loungers + umbrella = 100 baht. In the morning, they are trying to surrender the more expensive: 100 baht / sunbed or 50 baht / sunbed + a promise to dine at a beach cafe. But it feels risky to eat there. The menu is in Thai. The staff does not speak English at all.

Lying in the shade on the beach without taking an umbrella will not work. You can sit by going up closer to the cafe, where there are a number of deciduous trees. (True, it is dirty there.) Or by moving to Mount Tao with spreading trees and stones giving shadow.

There is no rental of anything (boat, kayak, kite). There are almost no peddlers (unlike Takiab beach). Nobody pesters with manicures and massages. For lovers of loud music, parties, beach parties, the place is completely inappropriate. For the elderly, couples in love, as well as families with children - just that.

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Shops and attractions on the beach

Sai Noi Beach is located in a quiet, uncrowded appendix, away from the highway (see map). Nearest «7-11» - two kilometers away. There are no large markets nearby. Market Village with central Tecko Lotus - 13 km, or half an hour bike ride.

Mount Tao is a local landmark in itself. On the opposite side from the beach there is a Buddha statue, built into the rock of the Temple of the Turtle (Wat Khao Thao). Extremists have found a path along which from the Sai Noi beach you can walk up the mountain and get to these remarkable places. But most prefer to go around Tao (two kilometers) to get to the temple. By the lake with gazebos on the shore.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Feels like the area around the beach is a Thai sleeping area. In the walking distance of housing for rent is not observed. Two kilometers from Sai Noi, according to the map, there is a guesthouse and a condo. About the guesthouse on the Web - no gu-gu. In the condo, the price tag is decent: from 3.5 thousand per night. The nearest hotels (high price) - six or more kilometers from the beach.

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How to get to Sai Noi beach

By bike or car; there is no public transport. Head south outside the city on the main Petch Kasem Rd. Follow the signs on the left. They will lead to Sai Noi beach. By the way, the last third of the way blooms and smells sweet. leads to the private royal beach. If you miss the sign and the turn to Sai Noi, you will bump into a barrier and cute military who will politely deploy you.
See the exact location on the Google map.

Sai Noi on the map

Sai Noi Beach Map

Sai Noi Beach Map: