List of things for the hike - our experience

We've had a list of things for a hike here for a long time, which we made for ourselves when we were going to this event for the first time. I present it to your attention!

All things, of course, do not need to be taken with you! Otherwise, you will not lift the backpack, you yourself will understand this when you put it together. It all strongly depends on the difficulty of the hike, the season and the duration. Therefore, you can focus on this list of things for the trip and decide what you need specifically, or not. Some things make sense to take not for each person, but for the group. We try to take backpacks of about 15 kg on simple hikes, and about 20 kg on hikes more difficult.

If you are going to the sea, then it is better to use this list: List of things on the sea at the campsite.

List of things for the hike

List of things for the hike

List of things for the hike

- myself
- passport, ticket, money
- map
- tent
- sleeping bag
- foam mat
- backpack (how to choose a backpack for a hike)
- seat / hoba (a small rug attached with an elastic band to the butt so that at any time you could sit anywhere)

- soap, shampoo (you can use soap), toothbrush, paste (all in small containers)
- toilet paper
- wet wipes or antibacterial cream (we use toilet paper and iodine as wipes)
- cotton swabs, cotton pads
- pads, tampons
- razor and shaving cream (I use soap instead)
- hairbrush (we do not take)
- handkerchief (we do not take)

In the Cosmetic Bag: (it's more for women)
- invisible hairpins, crab, elastic bands
- tweezers
- small scissors
- file
- mirror
- moisturizing cream
- earplugs (very useful on the train! Checked!)
- hygienic lipstick
- needles, threads, buttons, pins

- notebook, pen
- phone, charging
- a player with batteries (you need it on the train, or a smartphone)
- plastic tray or bowl, mug, spoon
- knife
- clock
- alpenstock
- map, compass
- sunglasses (optional)
- camera, batteries / rechargeable batteries (which camera to choose for travel)
- headlamp, batteries for it
- lighter (matches), dry alcohol (in case of wet weather), candles (we take a couple of IKEE candles)
- burner + gas canister (1 for two people per week)
- ordinary linen rope
- 1-1.5 liter kettle (each pair carries a kettle)
- food for a hike (what food to take on a hike)
- food on the train
- insect repellent
- glue moment is small (optional)
- belt or chest bag for documents (if any)
- scotch tape / duct tape (optional)

First aid kit:
- patch
- iodine
- hydrogen peroxide
- freezing
- bandage
- elastic bandage
- cream for bruises (we do not take)
- aspirin / citramone
- antibiotic
- Activated carbon
- noshpa
- asterisk
- sunscreen (we do not take)
- instructions for the use of drugs, if necessary (so as not to drag the packaging)

- a T-shirt to walk with a backpack
- T-shirt (walking in the camp)
- shirt with long sleeves from the sun
- headdress / bandana
- thermal underwear (well, or, if not, then something under pants and a warm thin jacket)
- two warm things, so that one can be worn on the other (thermal underwear, which is higher + fleece or thermal + sweater (although it is heavy) or thin warm jacket + fleece / sweater).
- windbreaker from wind and rain (or windbreaker + cellophane raincoat)
- tight, windproof pants, preferably made of synthetics, so that they dry quickly and do not break on branches
- waterproof pants (optional)
- shorts or summer pants
- civilian clean clothes on the way back (if it fits into a backpack)
- high waterproof trekking boots that cover the ankle + sandals / sneakers
- bags for feet (if suddenly your feet are still wet, so that after changing your socks and putting on bags over the top, you can walk in wet shoes again)
- gaiters (although this is optional, if you are not afraid to soak your pants on wet grass)
- woolen socks to sleep, socks to walk there (if any, trekking and regular cotton socks)
- elastic tights
- swimsuit, pareo, swimming trunks
- towel
- Underwear

P.S. Hopefully, those who are going to the mountains and forests will find this list of necessary things for the hike useful. Once again, I repeat, you should not take everything from the list, and vice versa, something may be missing here, because the hikes are very different, ranging from the duration to the complexity. Have a nice rest, everyone!