Low-cost airlines - what is a discounter and low-cost airlines

When planning a trip, one of the most important questions that arises is where and how to buy cheap air tickets. I will write about how to buy a ticket a little later, in this article I will talk about such a phenomenon as lowcost airlines. These are low cost airlines (they are also called discounter airlines), the tickets of which are several times cheaper than those of regular airlines (if they do not have any promotions). There are now more than 150 such low-cost airlines in the world, there is plenty to choose from, so to speak..

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Why are low-cost airlines selling cheap flights

  • Most often, the level of service of low-cost airlines is no worse, and sometimes even better, than that of regular airlines. Rather, the secret lies in the fact that these airlines are trying to reasonably save money on unnecessary things. For example, they do not have sales offices, there are no intermediary travel agencies, an air ticket is bought via the Internet, and you can fly simply by a printout of the reservation that comes to your e-mail.
  • Another important difference between low-cost airlines is that if a flight is canceled, the money for the ticket is most likely not refunded and miles are not counted for frequent travel.
  • You also need to keep in mind that low-cost airlines have strict restrictions on the weight of baggage, sometimes you have to pay for baggage separately, and if this is not done when booking an air ticket, then you will have to pay twice as much at the airport..
  • Since the price of a ticket in discounter airlines is formed based on the occupancy of the aircraft, the closer the departure date, the more expensive the ticket. Therefore, if you want to fly cheaper, try to buy tickets from low-cost airlines a lot in advance. The earlier you buy a ticket, the cheaper you fly..
  • For some flights, you need to check in on your own via the Internet, otherwise you will have to pay extra for this at the airport. My advice to you, read carefully the conditions of the airline on its website and ticket.
  • Most of the discounter airlines do not provide free meals during the flight, but you can always buy them, if necessary, right on board. And low-cost airlines often use minor airports, which are less congested, which allows passengers to go through all the procedures on arrival faster, and the low-cost airline itself to increase the frequency of flights. The only possible inconvenience may be the departure time, possible flight delay and the remoteness of the secondary airport, but this is far from always.
The most important low-cost airline in Asia - AirAsia

The most important low-cost airline in Asia - AirAsia

There are convenient search engines for low-cost airline tickets, which show which low-cost airlines fly to the city you need. These sites only give you the names of the low cost airlines that you can use. In order to buy a ticket, you will need to go to the website of the low-cost airline itself and book a cheap air ticket there..


There are also sites that search for air tickets for all airlines (both low-cost and regular) and destinations:

There are also sites that search for air tickets for all airlines (both low-cost and regular) and destinations:


We mainly use them when searching for tickets. Firstly, you can immediately estimate the order of prices, and secondly, these services are often enough.

Air discounters in Russia

There used to be avianova and skyexpress, but at the moment there are no more low-cost airlines in Russia. That's it. Therefore, it is often cheaper to fly to Europe than somewhere in Russia..

Low-cost airlines flying from Russia to Europe

airberlin.com (from Moscow and St. Petersburg to many German cities with transit to other European cities)
eurowings.com (from Moscow and St. Petersburg to German cities with transit to other European cities)
flyniki.com (departure from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Vienna)
norwegian.no (from St. Petersburg to Oslo with further transit through Northern Europe)
flypgs.com (flight from Krasnodar and Novosibirsk to Turkey)
vueling.com (flight from Moscow to Barcelona)
volawindjet.it (departure from Moscow, Samara, St. Petersburg, Rostov to the cities of Italy)
flydubai.com (departure from Yekaterinburg and Samara to Dubai)
blue1.com (flight from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Helsinki, and from there to Paris, London, Dusseldorf)

Low-cost airlines flying from Kiev

wizzair.com (flight from Kiev to Oslo, Cologne, London, Venice, Dortmund, Krakow, Simferopol)
airarabia.com (flight from Kiev to Abu Dhabi, Athens, Dubai, Doha, Colombo, Delhi)

Low cost airlines in Europe

airbaltic.com Europe
airberlin.com Europe
blue1.com Europe
blueair-web.com Europe
bmibaby.com United Kingdom
brusselsairlines.com Europe and the world
clickair.com Europe
condor.com Europe
easyjet.com Europe
flug.idealo.de Germany, Europe, World
flyaeroflight.de Germany - Europe
flybe.com United Kingdom - Europe
flyglobespan.com Almost the whole world
flyniki.at Austria - Europe
flynordic.com Europe
flysas.com Europe and the world
germania.aero Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia
eurowings.com Europe
tuifly.com/en/ Europe
icelandexpress.co.uk Reykjavik - Europe
jet2.com United Kingdom - Europe
laudaair.com Austria - Europe
meridiana.itItaly - Europe
norwegian.no Europe and the world
ryanair.com Europe and the world
skyeurope.com Europe
smartwings.net Prague - Europe
spanair.com Europe
transavia.com Amsterdam - Europe
thomsonfly.com Europe
vueling.com Barcelona - Europe
volawindjet.it Italy - Europe
wizzair.com Europe

Low cost airlines in Asia

airasia.com The most popular low-cost airline in Asia, covering all of Asia.
airarabia.com UAE and the world
airdo.jp Japan
airindiaexpress.in India and neighboring countries
anawings.co.jp/ Japan
cu-air.com China
citilink.co.id Indonesia
fireflyz.com.my Malaysia
flydubai.com UAE
goair.in India
jal.co.jp/jex Japan
jetlite.com India
jetstarasia.com Singapore and Southeast Asia
jetstar.com Vietnam
jinair.com Korea and surrounding countries
lionair.co.id Indonesia
luckyair.com China
flynas.com Saudi Arabia and Asia
nokair.com Thailand
flysama.com Saudi Arabia
skymark.co.jp Japan
skynetasia.co.jp Japan and Asia
spicejet.com India
china-sss.com China
starflyer.jp Japan
vietjetair.com Vietnam

List of all low-cost airlines in the world on Wikipedia.