The benefits of a trunk on long journeys

When we drive a car around the city, many things and equipment are not necessary for us. But if we are preparing for a long journey, then the question immediately arises of what to take on the road, both for ourselves and for our iron horse. And the more difficult the trip, the more thorough the preparation and the amount of equipment required..

I remember how once I got a three-door Niva and my friends and I went to conquer the expanses of Mother Russia in the middle of spring. It was a fun trip, sincere. But the car was small, and a few people there, to put it mildly, cramped. It's a good thing some of us thought to suggest installing an Expedition Roof Rack. Not only did we leave our backpacks and other things there, but also on the road it came in handy more than once..

Expedition Trunk

Trunk benefits

Now Russian SUVs are a thing of the past, and huge jeeps with large luggage racks roam the streets. But as practice shows, a roof rack will not hurt them either. It is clear that if you go to the forest to pick mushrooms, then most likely it will not be useful, however, if we are talking about traveling with a company for several weeks, then even when traveling to a camping on the Black Sea, it will be necessary. Painfully many things need to be taken for a comfortable stay. And about off-road expeditions, I generally keep quiet. True, there most likely preparation will not cost only one trunk..

We recently traveled to Europe by car. We took tents, sleeping bags, food for most of the trip, warm clothes, laptops, an inverter and a bunch of other things. How uncomfortable it was that we didn't have an extra roof rack. Since the one that would be in the car is suitable only for trips to the supermarket, but not for overcoming 8000 km with 4 people. And here's what was easier, change the car for a more spacious one, or simply equip it with a trunk.?

Highly recommend the Thule bars and rack. I recently took it myself bike mounts on the roof and soon I will take the box also from this company. Follow the link for my review.

In any case, this purchase will not be superfluous in everyday life - to bring a couple of boxes with furniture from the store, or a couple of boards to the dacha. And most importantly, a car with such an attribute will only look in a more advantageous light compared to its classmates..