Travel affiliate program and finstrip for autumn 2011

I was not going to write another finstrip, because a few months ago already published a post with earnings results for two summer months. However, I received several emails asking if anything has changed since then, and in particular, what is the profit from the Aviasales affiliate program. In addition, I learned that recently a referral system has also appeared in this travel partner program, so, perhaps, the information will be useful to someone..

By the way, at the end of summer, our traffic dropped from 2000 to 1500 unique per day. This is most likely due to the fact that the summer theme was covered quite well on our blog at one time. So the drop in earnings is quite logical. In addition, I almost did not sell posts and articles..

The content of the article

Travel affiliate program Travelpayouts (Aviasales)

The essence

I will briefly tell you about the essence of Travelpayouts for those who are not yet in the know. By installing a ticket search form on a blog or website, you will receive a percentage of the sale of an air ticket or, more precisely, 50-70% of the commission that the airline itself receives. The search engine itself is free, it simply redirects to various agencies or airlines' websites (728 airlines, 5 booking systems, 15 agencies), that is, for the end buyer, the price of an air ticket remains the same. If in numbers, then from the sale of one ticket you get an average of 100-500 rubles. It happens as more and less.

The most interesting thing is that air sales are really high-quality service and we use it ourselves, as well as many of our fellow travelers. That is, you do not earn money by selling some garbage, but on the contrary, you are doing good by sending a person to a good ticket search engine. And as I said, the money does not come to you from the ticket buyer's wallet, but from the agency that sells the ticket..

Referral program

A referral program has recently appeared. By attracting other webmasters who register using your link, you receive 5% of their income, and not from the funds of your referral, but from the funds of Aviasales itself. Single-level program.

Screenshot of payments for the month of September

Screenshot of payments for the month of September

September statistics screenshot

September statistics screenshot

Hotel reservation

When booking air tickets, the user has the opportunity to book hotels. Aviasales previously used the affiliate program, actually acting as an intermediary. It was convenient, they did not throw, as Hotelscombined did it themselves, and made payments with minimum thresholds and on webmoney.

Since the summer of 2013, it has become even more convenient, Aviasales launched their own search engine for hotels,, but the principle of earning is now not the same as through Hotelscombined, but more profitable. You receive income not from clicks and clicks, but as a percentage for the room reservations themselves in all booking systems (Agoda, Booking, Ostrovok, etc.)! That is, now there is no need to choose among the booking systems and set yourself a search form only from one of them.

However, someone likes to cooperate with the same Agoda more and that's it. By the way, no one bothers to try different combinations for the best exhaust. Strange as it may seem, but through Aviasales we have managed to do more before, and now even more so. I tried to work directly with Hotelscombined, and with Agoda, and with

You can register for the Travelpayouts travel partner program from Aviasales HERE, and here you can see a detailed description. I reviewed a bunch of other affiliate programs on this topic, and there are similar ones, but at the moment everyone repeats only partially what Aviasales has.

Finstrip in 3 months

August 25935 RUB

Attendance 1779 people / day

Profit-partner: 2845 rub
Google Adsense: $ 168
Daos line: 120 rub 740 RUB 1000 rub 1000 rub 788 r
Direct posting of articles and guards: 1200 r
Travelpayouts (Aviasales): RUB 13,204

September 16580 RUB

Attendance 1391 people / day

Profit-partner: 2253 r
Google Adsense: $ 121
Line Daos: 400 rub 832 p
Direct posting of articles and guards: 500 r
Travelpayouts (Aviasales): 7538 rub
Daos affiliate program: 28 eur 12 $

October 18440 RUB

Attendance 1553 people / day

Profit-partner: 2582 rub
Google Adsense: $ 137
Daos line: 600 rub 869 rub
Direct posting of articles and guards: 930 r
Travelpayouts (Aviasales): 9351 rub

P.S. The links in the post are referral, and you do not lose anything if you register under me. I can even suggest something and help if needed.

UPDATE. Updated the information in the article after Aviasales launched their own hotel search engine.