Finstrip for the summer of 2011 and the interim results of one and a half years

Once, I wrote an article, how to make money on a blog, where I collected all the less familiar methods related to blogging. But they started asking me about specific numbers. Then I wrote how much do we earn on the blog and how. But the article turned out to be a little blurry due to the fact that I did not have clear statistics on earnings, since for six months I was either engaged in monetization or not. In that article, I named a figure of 10-15000r, which I could presumably earn if I did it constantly, and not occasionally.

I wondered what it could be in real life, and for the last 2 months (June, July) I tried to earn money without interruption: I activated the blog on all exchanges, posted posts and articles, found suitable places for contextual advertising, tried several affiliate programs, etc. That is, I did part of what I was advised in the comments (thanks, by the way, for the advice). And now I want to share this information with everyone who is interested..

Preventing questions, I repeat, I don't really like making money on the sale of guards and articles due to its dead end, so I still hope to switch to other methods, and I think I will succeed 🙂 And as soon as there are statistics, I will tell you. And now the prices for links are lifted, and the placement is suspended. Remained contextual advertising and a couple of affiliate programs.

Statistics for June and July

Statistics for June and July

The content of the article


To be more precise, I will write not on payments to the wallet, but specifically on the funds received in services, since some of them can be withdrawn only upon reaching a certain limit.


Profit-partner: 2400 r
Google Adsense: 1300 rub
Line Daos: 690 rub 3520 rub 2800 rub 680 rub r 340 r
Direct posting of articles and guards: 1200 r
Travelpayouts (Aviasales): 2650 rub
Hotelscombined: 550 rub
Well «On vacation without travel agencies!»: 950 RUR 0
Sponsor: I cannot divulge (therefore I do not take into account)
Daos affiliate program: 0 0 0


Profit-partner: 3100 r
Google Adsense: 3200 rub
Daos line: 300 rub
Gogetlinks: 830 p 3750 rub 340 rub 3150 rub 640 r
Kavanga ad network: famously went, but removed the code due to reviews of non-payment of money
Direct posting of articles and guards: 200 r
Travelpayouts (Aviasales): 7300 rub
Hotelscombined: 1450 rub
Well «On vacation without travel agencies!»: removed 600 rub
Sponsor: declined
Daos affiliate program: 0 0 160r


In June it turned out to be 18,400 rubles, and in July 25,000 rubles. Also, I posted a description of my services on the blog, which also brought some money in these two months, about 4000 rubles for Seo services, and 8700 rubles for copywriting..

Let me tell you a little secret, when we left for Tai, I wanted to come back with a blog bringing me 15,000 rubles. At that time, this amount seemed to me the most real. In principle, this goal has been achieved, although this income is not stable enough and not quite the principle that I need. My office salary is still far away, but this is only a matter of time 🙂

P.S. The links in the article are referral, and if you register using them, then I can help you work with exchanges. If you erase the referral number, you will still register under someone higher, only he will not be able to help you. But the choice is yours 🙂