We leave for the USA

Every second European under 25 wants to go to the United States. The question arises: why?
Or is it the fantastic beaches along the coast that attract the youth, or the mountains, or the cowboy countryside, or the bustling metropolises? If you decide to go to the USA, you should decide what exactly you want to see in this country.

The Big Apple is the east coast of the United States. It is here that the Brooklyn Bridge is located, at night you should look into the Empire State Building. To visit New York and not admire the Statue of Liberty without visiting Ellis Island itself is simply unthinkable. Do not forget to look into Central Park, where you can enjoy not only nature, but also meet business celebrities. If you are studying abroad, you can catch up and get to know them..

The windy city is, of course, Chicago. If you want to be considered a real tourist, then you definitely need to come here. To begin with, you should climb one of the skyscrapers and look down, only then visit Greektown with the best Greek cuisine or the world famous Chinatown.

Little Cuba is a collection of all cultures and real America - Miami. Its famous Art Deco district with more than 800 buildings, beaches and sun will help you understand that the United States has its own piece of paradise. When the opportunity arises for our youth and work is available for students, each of them dreams of getting exactly here..

Sin City - casinos, strip bars and chapels for early maturing honeymooners - is, of course, Las Vegas. There is no travel across the USA without a trip to the Hoover Dam, which is located near the city of the game..

Wobbly City - Castro awaits you - the largest gay community and the Haight neighborhood. It's impossible to visit San Francisco and not see it.

City of Angels - Hollywood offers walking the Walk of Fame, meeting the rich and famous on Rodeo Drive and guided tours of Beverly Hills. If you do not have a photo under the famous Hollywood sign, then you are not a tourist..

Emerald City. Water and mountains, nature of indescribable beauty - this is how hospitable Seattle will meet. A ferry awaits at Eliot Bay, and at night the Olympic Mountains will show the most beautiful stars in the sky.

The whole America cannot be described, it must be seen. But if there is such an opportunity, then you should know: on the bus you will see more, it is much cheaper.

As you know, tourism is a special way of life. If you are not an avid traveler, but a beginner traveler, then you should be aware of the pitfalls.

Tourist traps - outlets near attractions: shops, vendors, stalls, restaurants. If they are located near an airport or a tourist attraction, then everything purchased may be not only expensive, but also of poor quality..