Weekend trip to Tallinn

If you want to feel the spirit of the Middle Ages in a single country - where every cobblestone on the pavement keeps the traces of the knights of that period, where the walls and nooks of ancient buildings still hide the secrets of intrigue and love affairs of their ladies, you certainly need a trip to Tallinn for the weekend, or at least for the weekend.

Without false modesty, we can say that Tallinn is the most beautiful city in the Baltics and one of the most unique cities in the world, claiming to be an ancient historical city that has preserved its original identity..

It is this combination of medieval architecture with the infrastructure of modern civilization at the highest European level that attracts guests from all over the world..

For a person who first came to Estonia and the city of Tallinn, the first thing that catches the eye, and this is natural, is the spire of St. Olaf's Church. The unique Gothic building began its existence (at least documentary) back in the 13th century. Over the centuries, the building was completed and rebuilt and by the 16th century it was the tallest building in the world with a height of 159 meters. But, as they say, beauty is worth the sacrifice…. The church brought its own height to the altar of its beauty. During its existence, it has not once been subjected to lightning strikes and has been burned to the ground more than once, as a result of which its current dimensions, in comparison with the original ones, have decreased by as much as 30 meters, but all the same, and its current dimensions make it possible to make and identify it as the most unique historical building on the entire Baltic coast.

Further, one cannot fail to mention the hallmark of the Middle Ages, which left its mark on modern Tallinn - chivalry. As the bearer of the title of the keeper of ancient architecture of that period, the city still has its own knight's house..

As a symbol of military security and reliability, the house of the knights today, albeit conditionally, is at an unattainable height. To get into it, one has to overcome a hilly hill on foot. And only after overcoming this high obstacle, you, as if, involuntarily become a witness of the secret of initiation into this ancient estate.

Another unique nuance of the city of Tallinn, which has recently been gradually eliminated in many cities of the world and, more often than not, can now only be seen on postcards, these are old cobblestone pavements.

In the city of Tallinn, you can not only see them, but also walk through them, and indulge in thoughts about the frailty of existence, the uniqueness of every moment and the pleasure of being on this beautiful Earth..

Add to this the clean sea air of Estonia, the unique unhurried atmosphere of life, coupled with the modern benefits of civilization, and you will receive a huge boost of vigor for a long time to come and an irresistible desire to come back here again. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to make a trip to Tallinn for the weekend, then do not postpone, but rather take a couple more days of vacation..

Tallinn. Old city.

Tallinn. Old city.