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By chance, while I was looking for a laptop backpack on Ali, I came across this travel wallet. Yes, there are a lot of them, and cheaper, and more expensive, and leather, and all sorts. I looked at about 20, probably, I read all the reviews, but this one sunk into the soul, because it is made with high quality. And I have a weakness for all carriers, from backpacks to wallets. And this travel wallet was the best 🙂

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Wallet for documents

I just bought a cool wallet for travel, or rather, even for flights. On Aliexpress, it's called Passport Cover, although it's not a cover. For the city it is too big and for the city life I have an ordinary wallet. Well, more precisely, my city travel was also from Jack Wolfskin, made of cloth, but it was only for money and bank cards. That is, in terms of functionality, it is very simple, perhaps thin.

So, and the new one is for documents, boarding, some other trifles. I always have 1-2 passports with me on my travels, a little cash in rubles and dollars, a Russian and international driver's license, several spare bank cards and a couple of photos (for example, when applying for a Thai visa, it may come in handy).

Previously, I dragged all this household, either wrapped in a file, or in a transparent zip-bag. It was not very convenient, since everything lay in a heap, and in order to take something specific, it was necessary to rake everything out. And it looked so-so. So let's say a wallet for documents is not a necessary thing, but a nice one. Moreover, it is convenient to store documents in it even at home..

Travel wallet

Travel wallet

You can put your phone here, but that's not really an idea.

You can put your phone here, but that's not really an idea.

This is what an empty wallet looks like

This is what an empty wallet looks like

And this is how the wallet looks with documents

And this is how the wallet looks with documents

To make the size clear

To make the size clear

Time to get to the airport

Time to get to the airport!

Now I have everything laid out on the shelves. And at the airport I will put more landing gear. Upon arrival at the destination, this wallet is placed in the safe in the hotel room or in the back of the city backpack, if for some reason not left at the hotel. With me, I put local cash in a regular wallet and only 1-2 cards.

The feeling that he was not made in China, but he was from some brand store. Strong fabric, good and even seams. With this one is not ashamed to be in a decent society 🙂 There is not a single bad comment on Ali about him. No, it's true, you rarely find such high-quality things on Aliexpress. Usually it's still simpler, I compare it with my branded items. Yes, brand is not always better, but in my personal experience, it is often so. So, with a clear conscience, I can recommend, if, of course, you need this wallet for travel.


I remind those who are interested in various kinds of cashbacks. Buying on Ali, you can also get a refund of up to 11%. I told everything in detail in a post about cashback with Aliexpress.

I bought it for $ 11, there was some kind of promotion. At the time of this writing, it costs $ 13. The difference is small and for me the price is quite normal. There is a drawing with dots (like mine) and there is one without dots. There are also other travel wallets on Ali for 5-8 bucks, but I personally liked them less from the pictures.

I want the same for myself>

Just in case, I will list those that I have considered. Well, suddenly.

- for 7-11 bucks (2 sizes, several colors)
- for 9 bucks (3 colors, with a string around the neck)
- for 5.8 bucks (multiple colors)


Length 24 cm. Width 12 cm. Thickness 1.5 cm (with documents about 3 cm).

Weight 150 grams, with my documents weighs about 300 grams.

A biometric Russian passport fits with effort into these pockets. They don't write about this in the reviews, so I'm telling you this. Non-biometric Russian Federation foreign and passports of other countries are perfectly inserted.

If you lose, then that's it 🙂

UPDATE. Something the first couple of comments immediately about the fact that if you lose, then everything at once, they say, is dangerous. Mmm ... It's scary to lose only your passport in reality. I am personally against that, to carry cash with you, and any bank card is blocked in a couple of minutes, so it is a hundred times more convenient than cash.

There are different types of travel. Whoever goes to wander through the Amazon jungle or on a mountain hike, where there are no ATMs and civilization, they do not need such a wallet. But in the format airport-taxi-hotel-rented car-attractions, you can use. You just have to put it so that it doesn't get pulled out. This is not the wallet that is needed in a second's availability, but the one that is stowed away. You get it literally several times in just a trip. At the airport, to go through passport control, when renting a car (you show your license), when you check into a hotel (you show your passport), that's all. In extreme cases, if they are very much afraid, you can put a foreign one separately. And in my opinion, it is much easier for a pickpocket to pull out of clothes than out of a backpack. And if you really really bother, then the only option is the Anti Theft backpack, which cannot be cut, and the Anti Theft wallet, which is fastened to the bag or jeans belt..

I've been traveling for 7 years now, keeping everything in one place, and it's more convenient for me (as I already wrote, I previously drove it in a bag). I know myself, if I put it in different pockets, then in a hurry I will mix something up and forget. I have a separate pocket in my backpack with easy access for me (not a thief). Even if you cut the backpack, you will not get it, it’s more likely that the macbook or the camera, for which I will worry more, will be. And in hotels there is always a safe, where to put, and this wallet, and equipment, I never carry all this while walking. I only take a couple of bank cards, local cash, phone and camera.

P.S. But, of course, all markers are different in taste and color, I do not insist. Everyone does what he thinks is more convenient and safer 🙂 I just tell you how I do it and how it is convenient for me.