The correct cashback Aliexpress or how to save 11% on purchases

Few people know that you can get a good cashback for purchases on Aliexpress. And if you combine several methods, then you can save up to 11% in general. Did you know? I asked around my friends and it turns out that no one was in the know. And most importantly, the methods do not take time, you only need to figure it out once. See below for my instructions. Exclusive!

On Ali, so many cool things are sold and the prices are pleasing, but there is also enough rubbish. However, all different accessories need to be ordered anyway in China, the savings are significant. Take the same phone cases, you can bathe on Ali for 200 rubles, while in Moscow in a store it will cost 1000 rubles.

The content of the article

Brief instructions on how to get cashback

It is in this sequence that everything needs to be done. It is especially important not to throw anything in the trash before clicking the button in the browser plugin. First, activate the cashback in the browser plugin and only then add it to the cart, not vice versa. If there is already something in the basket, then you need to delete it and add it again. It is important!

First, briefly and step by step for those who have little time. The whole process takes 1 minute.

  • Register in the ePN Cashback service. During registration, do not enter any promotional code, this is important! It is better to enter it later, in your personal account, immediately before purchasing..
  • Register now

  • Install the cashback plugin for the browser and enter the same username and password that you used when registering ePN Cashback.
  • Install plugin

  • Go to the Aliexpress website (on any page), click on the plugin icon
    The correct cashback Aliexpress or how to save 11% on purchases

    and press the button in it

  • epn-02

  • Add items to your cart and pay for them.
  • After some time, go to the personal account of the ePN Cashback service, add a WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Qiwi wallet or just a mobile phone (MTS, Beeline, Megafon) and order a payment.
  • detailed instructions

    Since June 1, 2017, cashback rates have been reduced for all cashback services, including EPN. Nevertheless, cashback schemes work, they just became a little less profitable.

    The topic with cashbacks is my favorite, because once you understand the issue, you can get additional money without spending any effort on it. I already wrote how I get 3% cashback from all purchases in stores on map of Kukuruza, How do I get back up to 10% from travels through Travelpayots.

    About cashback for Aliexpress

    New EPN Cashback user who has not yet placed orders on Aliexpress will receive a 9% cashback rate (5% mobile phones) on their first order.

    Many sites offer to register and receive cashback from Aliexpress, but it is better to do this through the ePN CashBack service, they are the official partners of Aliexpress. And some of the few offer 4.5% constantly (for the mobile phone category 2.5%). The rest give 4-5%, or give as much as 6%, but temporarily, for example, for the first purchase, and then reduce it altogether to 2%.

    In short, register using the link and you are guaranteed to get a cashback on a permanent basis. And by entering promotional codes, you get an increased cashback. Read about promotional codes, how they work, and why they are needed below. You can also register through the social networks Vkontakte and Facebook. You need a Cashbacker cabinet.

    Registration in the EPN service to receive cashback from Aliexpress

    Registration in the EPN service to receive cashback from Aliexpress

    Cashback will be credited after the goods are delivered to you and the buyer's protection in Aliexpress expires. That is, when the transaction is considered completed. You can speed up the process by confirming receipt and closing the transaction in your Aliexpress account.

    Promotional codes for Aliexpress

    You do not need to enter a promotional code when registering. Because usually it is valid for 1-2 days, and while you pick up the goods for yourself, its validity period will simply expire. Therefore, it is better to enter them immediately before purchasing..

    Promo codes on Aliexpress are needed to temporarily increase the percentage of cashback. The only negative is that you need to constantly look for them and they do not last long. In any case, you can always get at least 4.5% from EPN. EPN also has a separate section «Special offer» in your personal account (available after registration), where goods with 10-15% cashback are published.

    The most important thing to remember is that all promotional codes have a limited duration, that is, after entering the promo code, you have several days to make purchases, so do not enter it ahead of time, enter it immediately before buying. Also, the promotional code cannot be entered a second time, it is one-time for each account. Plus, pro-comocodes are also becoming outdated, that is, you found a promo code, but it is already inoperative, and there are a lot of such outdated non-working promotional codes on the network.

    epnpromo - 5.5% promo code (products from the category «Cell phones» - 2.5%), valid for 2 days (can be entered until the end of 2017).

    epnbest - promo code 6% (products from the category «Cell phones» - 3%), valid for 7 days (can be entered until the end of 2017). Not always available, there are restrictions on the number of uses of this code for a certain time by a certain number of people, this code should be left in reserve and checked when it becomes available).

    epnbest2017 - Exactly the same situation as with the previous one, in terms of limiting registrations, but it looks like it will no longer be available at all.

    In your personal account, click

    In your personal account, click «Increased cashback» in the Menu and choose the Promocode from EPN

    Thus, you can use these promotional codes in a row and have a higher commission. The promo code must be entered, either when registering with ePN Cashback (then it starts working immediately), or after that in your ePN Cashback account (for example, just before the purchase). The last option is much more convenient.

    Checking and activating the Aliexpress promo code, as well as the history of those already entered

    Checking and activating the Aliexpress promo code, as well as the history of those already entered

    Gift certificates

    Unfortunately, since 10th March 2017 the theme with gift certificates and double cashback has stopped working.

    Useful plugin for cashback with Aliexpress

    I recommend everyone to install the ePN Cashback browser plugin, it greatly facilitates getting cashback. After installing it, you can get your cashback back in 2 clicks.

    Without a plugin, you will have to go to the ePN Cashback website every time, enter your username and password and go to the Aliexpress website from it. For a long time! And after installing the plugin, you will simply press the button in the plugin and that's it, you don't need to do anything else. But I do not insist, see for yourself how you feel better.

    Cashback plugin for Aliexpress

    Cashback plugin for Aliexpress

    Mobile app discount

    I will write separately for advanced users of Aliexpress, who know that Ali is now persistently promoting his application, so when shopping through it, many products are cheaper than on the site itself. And then the meaning of cashback is lost, which can only be obtained on a computer in a regular browser, that is, you need to choose in each specific case, which is more profitable than a discount in the application or a cashback on the site.

    But! The guys from ePN Cashback have recently solved this issue by releasing their mobile application for Andriod and iOS. With it, you can get SIMULTANEOUSLY a discount for a purchase in the Aliexpress mobile application, and a cashback.

    How to save up to 11% on Aliexpress

    If the standard 4.5% cashback is not enough for you, then I will tell you how else to save on purchases. Moreover, these life hacks work by themselves, that is, they can be combined. To the maximum, you can squeeze out about 9.5% without taking into account promotional codes and the section with special offers, and taking into account promotional codes about 11%.

    Method 1

    Set the currency in dollars (USD) before adding the item to your cart. And then you pay in dollars with your usual ruble card. Thus, you can win 1-2% of the price, this is how the exchange rate for Aliexpress differs from the rate of the Central Bank. But the conversion rate for many Russian banks can also differ from the Central Bank by 1-3%, so it is better to use special bank cards to pay for purchases in foreign currency..

    To pay for purchases on Aliexpress in USD, you can use the cards that travelers use, because when paying abroad, you also have to constantly pay in foreign currency (my selection of maps). For example, free ruble cards Corn or Beeline, which can be easily obtained on the day of contact. They have a conversion rate at the Central Bank! That is, when buying in foreign currency, save on the rate the same 1-2% that Aliexpress usually takes for itself. The Tinkoff Black dollar card is also good, the withdrawal will be direct in dollars, which can be bought in advance at a good rate directly in the Internet bank, it will come out as profitable as the ruble Corn at the Central Bank rate.

    Method 2

    In addition to a good currency conversion rate, it is good if the bank card had its own cashback. For example, Kukuruza gives 1.5% for any purchases, (and 3% if you connect a paid service «Double benefit»). Tinkoff Black card gives 1%. That is, you can get an additional 1-3% on your bank card. However, this applies not only to Ali, but in general to all purchases.

    Thus, after reading this post, you can get 4.5% cashback through the ePN Cashback service, save 1-2% on the course and get another 1-3% cashback on your bank card, in total about 6.5-9.5% savings. And if you take into account promotional codes, then about 11%!

    P.S. I hope the post turned out to be useful to you, since so far few people know that you can return cashback from purchases on Aliexpress. I have been using the service for a year now and recently received $ 166. A trifle, of course, but a freebie.

    P.P.S. Likewise, through EPN, you can receive cashback for purchases in Gearbest, Banggood, Ozon, Lamoda, Svyaznoy, etc. (see in your personal account).