Weather in Thailand in August

August for Thailand is the peak of the rainy season. And if in the north and north-east of the country the land is gradually beginning to dry out, although this process is insignificant and weakly perceptible, then in other regions the amount of precipitation even, one might say, increases.

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Weather in Bangkok

Bangkok and Central Thailand are still at the mercy of heavy heavy rains, which lead to severe flooding in the city, when the depth of rain streams can reach the waist of an adult. But the air temperature is warm enough.

Weather in Koh Chang and Koh Kut

The eastern part of Thailand, especially the island of Koh Chang, suffers more than others at this time of the year from frequent landslides, which are caused by heavy torrential rains that occur in the month of August and which occur here every day..

Weather in the north of Thailand

In the north of Thailand, out of thirty-one days, at least twenty are rainy. And this is not some drizzling rain, but a real downpour.
Floods and frequent landslides are possible in many cities at this time..

Weather in northeast Thailand

For the northeast of the country, August is also the peak of the rainy season, which gradually begins to wane. The rainiest provinces in this region are the provinces bordering Laos and the Mekong River.

Weather on Koh Samui, Tao and Phangan

In the southeastern part, the continental part of the country suffers least of all from the rains, in contrast to its islands. But on the other hand, gusty winds often fall on the coast of the country at this time, which makes the islands more suitable for recreation at this time of the year..

Phuket weather

In some areas of western Thailand, it does not rain as often as in July, but despite this, August is still considered the rainy month. The province of Ranong, the northernmost province of the Andaman coast, is particularly affected by rain. And at the same time, the air temperature is gradually decreasing throughout the western part of the country..