Freelance workdays in Krabi - video

Hey! The Life-trip family is back in touch 🙂 For a long time we had nothing in the 365 heading, were constantly on the road, and then settled in a new house (if you rent a house in Krabi, I remind you that we have personally assembled catalog of houses in Krabi, where more than 70 houses with a map and a photo. Housing for a short period, while you are looking for a house, you can buy it through RoomGuru).

Actually, as an appendage to the previous post about our house, Daria decided to shoot a short video about our everyday life and talk about the house, although, of course, it is not quite typical. For, after a while I will just sit all day at the computer and sort out the material for the last month (a trip to the north of Tai, a trip from Bangkok to Krabi), and Daria will work hard with Yegor and rinse him out to sea.

P.S. I agree, we are not really freelancers, but rather parents, but for some reason the video was called that way 🙂