What is the weather now in Thailand

Each of those who are going to Thailand (and it does not matter - during the holiday season or during the rainy season) is interested, first of all, in what the weather is in Thailand now. And the weather, as you know, is a capricious lady, and even in this paradise of the world every month it is different. But not enough that it makes sense to change your plans and go somewhere else. Thailand is good all year round.

Let's start with the hottest months. According to statistics, these are April and May. It is best to wait out such heat in the shade of a cafe, finding yourself on the beach in the morning and in the evening. With the beginning of June, the rainy season comes to the country, sometimes bringing severe floods. If this does not take the format of a natural disaster, as it was in 2011, then the water leaves by evening. The rainy season, with short breaks, can be extended right up to the end of October. True, this is more true for Phuket and Krabi, since in the Gulf of Thailand the maximum amount of precipitation is observed from November to February. But it should be noted that a distinctive feature of rain in tropical zones, which includes Thailand, is the fact that the rain has time to end before it starts, or in general it comes only at night. It should be understood that it rains in Thailand all year round, and there is a chance to get into cloudy weather at any time of the year. So the fears about the rainy season are greatly exaggerated..

For those who come to this country for a long time, the rainy season, on the contrary, brings relief from the heat. After all, temporary and permanent emigrants do not count vacation days. In mainland cities (Bangkok, Pattaya, etc.) there is less rainfall than on the islands (Phuket, Samui, Ko Chang, etc.), but hot weather is much harder to endure.

In those months that fall in our country in the autumn-winter period, in Thailand they are considered the most fertile, when the air temperature is kept within 25 degrees Celsius. But this is only general information about what the weather should be in Thailand at one time or another. I wrote about this in more detail in the article. Thailand Monthly Weather.

Also, before the trip, do not forget to look at the current state of weather conditions through the weather forecast services. It is not a fact, of course, that they will not be mistaken in their forecasts, but I think you can believe the next few days.

In any case, the phrase from the song that nature does not have bad weather can equally be applied to the climatic conditions of Thailand. Well, something, but you will not see snow there!