Holidays Andorra - tradition. National holidays in Andorra

Holidays Andorra

Holidays Andorra

The Principality of Andorra for many years iscenter of attraction for tourists from all over the world. Famous for it not only for its exotic landscapes and golden beaches, and annual festivals. This not only Andorrans celebrate their national holidays, but also common European. Andorra Holidays always surprise their guests scale and enchanting.


Duchy residents are very fond of this holiday. Preparing for a meeting with the local Santa Claus, Papa Noel, begins in early December. Akin to its European friends Andorrans decorate their homes and the streets of the city of the traditional Christmas trappings. Officially, the holiday starts on 24 December. From this date, the Principality becomes a real Christmas tale. Streets, squares and restaurants filled with actors, and everywhere begin festivities, festivals and concerts.

John the Baptist Day

The holiday has pagan roots, so when a church in every way hampered its implementation. However, her attempts were unsuccessful, and it only grew in popularity from year to year.

Today, the festival is based on a pagan,and Christian traditions. The symbol of the festival is the fire. It was believed, and to this day Andorrans believe that this element of the element is able to protect from evil spirits. During the celebration decided to kindle bonfires and fireworks to launch, as well as to attend church services and chapels.

Constitution day

March 14 is celebrated the main holiday Andorrayear - Constitution Day. The Constitution was adopted relatively recently, in 1993. This innovation was positively accepted by all citizens of the principality. Day holiday is officially a holiday. Celebrating it with panache zapuskaniya salutes and fireworks in all areas of the principality

Day Andorra

Another important holiday of the country, whichcelebrated on 8 September. Date of the meeting coincides with the Catholic Christmas Mother of God. Pilgrims come from all over the principality in Meritchelskuyu church, where a solemn mass is held on this day. And traditionally the inhabitants run into the night sky fireworks.

St. George's Day

April 23, in Andorra there is a very romanticholiday - St. George's Day. Its creation is associated with a beautiful legend of St. George and the dragon a red rose. Flower stalls in this day filled with roses of all sizes and colors. Queen of flowers on this day, decided to give his beautiful beloved.


This festival has a variety of names: holiday Epiphany (Theophany), Three Kings Day, the feast of the Magi and the Kings. The festival has a religious character, and is associated with the baptism of Jesus. On this day in all churches of the Principality are held solemn Mass.


  • Holidays Andorra
  • Holidays Andorra
  • Holidays Andorra

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