Andorran cuisine: photos, dishes and recipes of the national cuisine of Andorra

Andorran cuisine

Andorran cuisine has been replenished for centuries with the best recipes related to Catalan and French culinary arts: they trace a love for pasta, meats, seafood and cheeses..

National cuisine of Andorra

The geographical position has left an imprint on the local cuisine - dishes of game, river trout (it is prepared with pepper and garlic) and mushrooms are common here. For lunch in Andorra, they prefer to enjoy the taste of vegetable cod soup or rice soup with seafood and fish. On vacation, you should definitely try grilled meat (“la parillida”) or assorted seafood (“mariscada”); grilled duck with apples or beans; meat soup (“escudella”); fish soup (“porusalda”). As for desserts, in Andorra it is recommended to enjoy peaches cooked in sweet wine and masegada - a dish based on without yeast dough and sweet wine mosquito.

Popular dishes of Andorran cuisine:

  • “cunillo” (rabbit stewed with spices and tomato sauce);
  • “trinsat” (a dish in the form of fried bacon - it usually acts as an addition to cabbage or potatoes, and, for example, it is prepared with eggs for breakfast);
  • “escalivade” (grilled vegetables in the form of eggplants, bell peppers and tomatoes);
  • “turi” (a dish in the form of cheese with garlic, which is placed in an earthenware dish and set to simmer on the fire);
  • “crepe” (a dish in the form of thin pancakes with various fillings).

Where to taste the national cuisine?

At the service of residents and guests of Andorra - bordas: they are small national restaurants where you can taste homemade cuisine (dishes are prepared according to old recipes with the addition of various spices and seasonings) in a cozy atmosphere. It is worth noting that many restaurants in Andorra tend to complement the menu not only with traditional meat dishes and boutifarra sausages, but also with delicious desserts, such as “masegada”.

You can satisfy your hunger in Andorra la Vella in “La Borda Pairal 1630” (the institution pleases visitors with Andorran dishes at reasonable prices, which you can enjoy sitting at a table on the summer terrace; in addition, the wine list contains about 400 types of wine and champagne), and in Encamp, in “Borda del Tremat” (here it is recommended to try Andorran goat cheese and grilled lamb on the bone).

Cooking classes in Andorra

For those who wish, gastronomic excursions are arranged: in the town of Ordino, namely in a small village, you will be offered to try homemade dishes from wild boar meat, cooked over an open fire or in a clay pot, and local halva (you can and should take an active part in the preparation of all local dishes ), and in the city of Escaldes - walk through the restaurants in order to taste Spanish and French wines in addition to Andorran cuisine.

A trip to Andorra can be timed to coincide with the Days of Winter Kitchen (January, La Massana), the Gastronomic Festival (September, Ordino), the Feast of the traditional escudella soup (January), the Gastronomic Days (September, La Massana), the Andorra Taula gastronomic festival (he held in spring and summer, when guests have the opportunity to taste the seasonal Andorran cuisine).