Holidays in Andorra in July: prices and weather. Where to relax in Andorra in July

Holidays in Andorra in July

An amazing country in the center of Europe, which does not have a single air port, nevertheless, it receives thousands of tourists every year. Cozy hiding behind a Spanish neighbor, Andorra does not at all encroach on the laurels of the leader of the tourism industry, but it welcomes its guests sincerely and tenderly..

Holidays in Andorra in July are preferred by travelers who dream of cozy hotels, warm-hearted staff, quiet walks and unexpected discoveries..

Climatic and weather conditions

This country is considered the sunniest of the mountainous regions of Mother Europe. It rarely rains here, mainly in spring. Rest in July will be held against the backdrop of warm weather. Umbrellas, of course, are better for tourists to grab just in case, they will take up very little space at the bottom of the suitcase.
In the most famous resorts of Andorra, the average temperature will be: in Andorra la Vella - during the day +22 ° C, at night +10 ° C, in the mountainous Palais and Arinsal - +18 ° C during the day and +6 ° C at night..

Andorra hotels

A small state has a fairly extensive network of places for recreation. The local Ministry of Sports has established a gradation of hotels from 1 to 5 stars.

In July, it is better to choose a hotel for accommodation located in one of the large (by Andorran standards) cities. Since the main specialization of the country is mountain skiing, there are not many tourist offers in the summer..

There are much fewer visitors, so there is an opportunity to get to know the architecture, history, and culture closely. In addition, Andorra has a very vibrant nightlife at the height of summer. National cuisine and entertainment is another way to get to know the country and its inhabitants better.

Journey to Ordino

This is one of the districts of Andorra, occupying the northernmost territories of the principality, and a town with the same name. He surprises the tourist from the first step. An endless maze of small narrow streets paved with large cobblestones. Immersion in history several centuries ago and indescribable sensations are provided.

And even more vivid impressions will be provided by a visit to the museum, which is located in a house that was once the property of the family D’Areni Plandolit. In the exposition you can see pompous sleeping rooms of family representatives, huge halls for receiving distinguished guests, the highlight of the excursion is a visit to ancient wine cellars. The huge garden, located not far from the house, houses the buildings of the National Concert Hall and the Zoological Museum.

Holidays in Andorra

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