Water parks in Cologne - photos, prices, descriptions

Water parks in Cologne

Water parks in Cologne

You and your children are not averse to splash in the water, but still experience the various attractions? Welcome to Cologne, a water park - a place, perfect for an active family pastime!

Waterpark in Cologne

Water park "Aqualand" pleases visitors:

  • water attractions "AQUAconda" (windingblank pipe length of 150 m, which can "experience" the person is not under 10 years), "Red Star" (length - 110 m), "Space Typhoon" (blind 90-meter tube with light effects), "Rocket" ( attraction in the form of pneumatic slides), "Boomerang" (ride has a height of 4.5 m and a length of 46 m, so it is appreciated by lovers of thrills) and Crazy River I and II, the pools of hot water and sea salt;
  • safe swimming pools and water slides for young visitors;
  • sunbathing area;
  • sauna area (12, 2 saunas and steam rooms, among whichRussian stands with different temperatures, infrared, aroma sauna, country sauna with a floor covered with dry straw, a Turkish hammam, jacuzzi 6; salt cave with heated stone stove bench; Ayurvedic massages and exotic);
  • gym (guests waiting for power and cardio);
  • institutions of power.

And after dark, small and big guests "Aqualand" will be able to admire a spectacular laser show.

The cost of children (7 years) ticket - 9 euros / 2hour (14 euros / day). Tickets for persons over 15 years - 13 euros / 2 hours (18 euros / day). With regard to children under 6 years, for them the tickets sold for 5.5 euros.

Water Activities in Cologne

Order on arrival in Cologne to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool, before the trip it makes sense to stay in a "Dorint Ander Messe Koln", "Leonardo Hotel Koln" or another hotel with a pool.

Resting in Cologne, is to go to the parkentertainment Phantasia Land (adult ticket with 12 years worth of 38 euros, and children - 18 euros) - it is possible not only to "test" a lot of attractions, including water (for example, you can take a ride across the lake to the strains of a waltz on the boat), but and attend the performances of illusionists and incendiary dances of Africans.

Guests Cologne offer to go to the rivera cruise on the Rhine (the start is carried out with one of the marinas) by one of several routes. For example, if your path will lie up river, then swims past you such bridges as the bridge of St. Severin, Deutz and South, as well as by-house cranes (they are built along the river). It should be noted that the stop will be made at the bridge Rodenkirchen, after which the boat will turn around and go back. And if you sail down the river, then on the way you will meet zoo Hohenzollern bridge and the bridge (you will be able to consider them directly from the water).


  • Water parks in Cologne
  • Water parks in Cologne
  • Water parks in Cologne

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