What is the sea in Latvia? Sea in Latvia: photos, map

Sea Latvia

Sea Latvia

Republic of Latvia is a part of the area in northern Europe, which bears the name of the Baltic States. It is a geographical concept and serves as a response to the question of what the sea washes over Latvia.

Amber coast

The Baltic Sea is an inland andIt refers to the water basin of the Atlantic Ocean. The peculiarity of the Baltic Sea is its location - especially deep-sea juts into the mainland. The main wealth of the sea Latvia are deposits of fossilized resin of relict trees, which is called amber. This gemstone is used in the manufacture of jewelry and jewelry, souvenirs, and its especially large and valuable items include precious stones and is considered a national treasure. Besides the Baltic Sea fishing rich varieties of fish and seafood. The length of the Baltic Sea coast in Latvia is more than 500 kilometers.

Under the banner of the blue ...

The main resorts are concentrated in the Baltic regioncities of Jurmala, Liepaja and Vetspils. Here lie the famous beaches, which are considered to be the main feature of velvet sand dunes, green pine trees on the seafront and a special purity and freshness of water, refreshing on the hottest day. Thermometer, even in the height of summer remain in the local water at a modest mark of 22 degrees, and the ideal environmental conditions of the Latvian beaches allows them to join the ranks of holders of the Blue Flag certificate.
Unlike Jurmala, whose resorts are concentrated onshores of the Gulf of Riga of the Baltic Sea, Liepaja is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea directly. Permanent sea breeze caused the unofficial name of Liepaja. Locals call it the place where the wind is born. When asked what the sea in Latvia, travelers have meet - windy and salty, because the sea spray on your lips - the main sign of walking on the Baltic coast.

Interesting Facts

  • Age of amber is about 700 thousand. Years. It was then that the glacier engulfed Europe and petrified tree resin.
  • The Baltic Sea is much younger and before it there was a total of four thousand. Years ago, modern form.
  • The Baltic Sea flows into many rivers, the largest of which are the Neva, the Neman and Western Dvina.
  • The deepest point of the sea is located at around 470 meters.
  • The magnitude of the tides in the Baltic Sea does not exceed the 20-centimeter-level.
  • Drifting ice can appear in different parts of the sea until June.

Photos coast of Latvia

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