Riga beaches: photo, video. The best sandy beaches in Riga (Latvia)

Beaches in Riga

Beaches in Riga

The surroundings of Riga near the sea are known for their sandy beaches. As you would expect, almost all the beaches in Riga have received the Blue Flag for environmental friendliness, transparency of water, as well as for a high level of safety and quality service..

The best beaches in Riga are:

  1. Beach on the shore of Lake Kisezers;
  2. Ustdvinsk beach;
  3.  Vecaki beach.

A very nice beach is located on the territory of the recreation center near the lake Kisezers. the infrastructure is very developed here, there is a huge selection of entertainment. The choice of visitors is offered services for both active pastime (there is a bike path on the territory), and a quiet, family vacation. Avid fishermen can head to the shores of the lake, where different types of fish are found.
In the Daugava, on the side of the Baltic Sea, there is the Ustdvinsk beach. Several years ago, the recreation center was landscaped, like the beaches themselves. The entrance to the beach is paid, the entrance is fenced with a barrier. After entering the beach area, or rather, the parking lot, you will have to walk. The path leading down to the beach line reveals a rather attractive landscape to the viewer. Lifeguards monitor safety on the water. The territory is arranged rather modestly: there are no numerous sun loungers, sun loungers and changing rooms, although the coastline in this area is quite large. There is a forest area not far from the beach. Here you can get some fresh air while walking.
Vecaki beach is one of the most favorite holiday destinations among locals. The residents of Riga are very fond of walks in the local pine forest located nearby. The beach has very comfortable playgrounds for beach volleyball and football.
Kiteboarding fans can rejoice - the weather here meets all the requirements for playing their favorite sport. From the city to the beach can be reached by suburban train. The road will take only 30 minutes. Well, by car from the center, you can get there in all 15.

The best of the best

Well, how not to mention the well-known Jurmala. Its beaches are striking in their beauty and attract more and more tourists from year to year. Here you can have a great vacation with your family or an adrenaline rush by choosing the most exciting water sports. Scattered along the coast are various cafes and restaurants, as well as spas and hotels.
The most luxurious and comfortable beach is the Havana Club Lounge. The highest level of service is complemented by the presence of comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas, comfortable showers, changing rooms. In the evenings and on weekends, the beach is filled with the sounds of live music and various entertainment events begin at the same time. The entrance to the territory of this paradise costs 20 lats.
A very clean, comfortable and beautiful beach is located right there, in Jurmala. It is called Jaunkemeri. Perhaps the best and most famous beach in the city. The sand here is almost white, the water is very clear.

Pictures of Riga beaches

  • Beaches in Riga
  • Beaches in Riga
  • Beaches in Riga