What to buy in Antalya. What to bring from Antalya - souvenirs, gifts

Shopping in Antalya

Souvenirs in AntalyaSouvenirs in Antalya

A trip to any country is accompanied by essentialritual buy different souvenirs and gifts not only for themselves, but for all the friends and relatives. In order not to waste money on unnecessary trinkets, it is desirable to determine in advance what to bring as a gift from Antalya. Antalya is a paradise for shoppers from around the world, you can buy just about anything, and for ridiculous prices.

What can you buy in Antalya

  • Gold and jewelry. Products made of gold are sold at more than affordable prices, and their variety is simply amazing imagination. Acquire the best products in the branded shops and do not forget to bargain.
  • Leather jackets, coats, fur coats. For this product to Turkey attracts not only shoppers from around the world, but also speculators. Therefore, if you want to indulge in new clothes, better place than the markets and designer shops of Antalya is not found.
  • Clothing. Turkish producers are well known because of good product quality and excellent variety. Particularly popular earned, cotton and knitwear products. Besides Turkish manufacturers in Antalya You can find chain stores Calvin Klein, Dior, Lacoste and many others.

What to buy a gift to friends and relatives

  • Olives and olive oil of excellent quality. In Turkey, there are more than 350 factories producing olivnogo oil, which in quality is not inferior to Spanish or Greek.
  • Handmade Carpets. By purchasing these products, should be afraid of numerous imitations, under the guise of an expensive carpet you can sell cheap manufactured goods from synthetic fabrics.
  • Spices and sweets. Besides the traditional spices and seasonings note thyme, known here as kekik, pomegranate sauce, which is charged with salad, sesame paste Tajin, which is perfectly suited to meat and vegetable dishes.
  • Pottery handmade. Dish painted with intricate designs, cups, pitchers, saucers and other dishes look great. Products can be expensive to become an excellent basis for the family collection.
  • Products made of silk. Beautiful female shawls, scarves and shawls, men's neckties made of natural silk will be a great present for friends and relatives.

With such a variety of goods, the question of what to buy in Antalya may worry that, due perhaps too much choice.


Photos shopping in Antalya

  • Souvenirs in AntalyaSouvenirs in Antalya
  • Shopping in Antalya
  • Shopping in Antalya
  • Shopping in Antalya
  • Shopping in Antalya
  • Shopping in Antalya
  • Shopping in Antalya

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