Attractions in Antalya: photo, entertainment. Antalya amusement parks

Attractions in Antalya

Attractions in Antalya

Antalya is the largest and perhaps the most famous resort in Turkey. This city can rightfully be considered a real paradise for travelers, since they began to actively invest in tourism here back in the 70s of the last century. At the moment, here literally everything is created for guests, so that each of them feels at home. Now the city continues to develop actively and is one of the leading in the country. So everyone who wants to see something more than the hotel and its surroundings can safely go on an independent trip around the city and visit all the attractions in Antalya.

Lunapark in Antalya

A great place for outdoor activities. Moreover, the level of attractions here is such that it will be fun both for families with kids and for young people who are thirsty for extreme sports. In total, you can find here: traditional carousels and swings; roller coaster; extreme attractions; Ferris wheel; 4D and 5D cinemas; labyrinths; fear rooms.

In general, it is quite enough to hang out here for more than one day. It differs from other amusement parks in that payments for attractions here are made with their own internal currency - special tokens that are sold at the entrance. So you need to immediately calculate how many attractions you plan to visit, so that later you do not run after new tokens or, on the contrary, do not overpay for extra ones. At the moment, the price of ten tokens is 30 liras (about ten dollars).

Water parks "Aqualand" and "Dedeman"

At the moment, they are practically twins. Bungee buckets, swimming pools, steep and gentle slides, extreme water attractions, jacuzzi, paddling pools for children - in general, everything you need for active recreation.

Their working hours are identical: from 10.00 to 17.00. The ticket price is also the same: 35 lira for an adult and 19 for a child ticket. Also, everyone has their own website, but at the moment they are inactive and, most likely, their reconstruction will take a long time..

Hot air balloon flight from Balloons Antalya

The most popular entertainment in Antalya. On average, you will have to pay $ 205 for an hour of flight, for two - $ 320. Children over 6 years old are also allowed to fly, so this entertainment is quite suitable for couples with children. The company provides a full service. After the conclusion of the contract, the client only has to wait until his turn comes, after which they drive up to the hotel and take him to the take-off site.

Orders are accepted around the clock by phone or on the website

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  • Attractions in Antalya
  • Attractions in Antalya
  • Attractions in Antalya