Tours to Antalya (Turkey). Holidays in Antalya: photos, tours

Tours to Antalya

Tours to Antalya

The population of the Turkish resort capital almost doubles during the holiday season, because tours to Antalya are bought every summer by at least a million people. Founded in the 2nd century BC, Antalya was the possession of the ancient Romans for a long time and even served as the residence of Emperor Hadrian..

Briefly about the important

  • The subtropical Mediterranean climate in the city ensures dry and hot summers on the beaches of the resort. But in the middle of autumn, cloudy and rainy weather begins, lasting until early April. The best time for a tour to Antalya is the end of spring or the beginning of autumn, when there is no intense heat, and more vacationers have not yet arrived or are already sorting their suitcases at home.
  • You shouldn't count on comfortable swimming in the sea of ​​Antalya before May, when the water warms up to +20. By the end of October, the sea again becomes too cool for swimming..
  • Winter sports fans can book tours to Antalya during the New Year holidays. Just 40 kilometers from the city there is a ski resort with quite decent pistes. Prices for hotels, equipment rental and lifts compare favorably with the alpine.
  • Unlike other beach resorts, Antalya's historic center is of interest in terms of well-preserved architectural landmarks.
  • Hotels in the resort operate both on an all-inclusive basis and simply accept guests. The city has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, and therefore it is possible and necessary to get out of the hotel territory for excursions, walks or shopping..

Come on, don't be stingy!

During the Antalya tour, many travelers go to local markets to buy jewelry or leather goods. Dozens of modern shopping centers and small shops are open in the city, where you can choose any decoration or order a product to your liking. Sheepskin coats and leather jackets are sold at the resort wholesale and retail, and therefore tours to Antalya are often booked by the owners of the trade business in their homeland..

Cultural component

You can diversify beach relaxation during a tour to Antalya with excursions in the historical part of the city. Ancient Roman buildings have been preserved here, for example, Hadrian's Gate. The Yivli minaret, built in the first third of the 13th century, is rightfully considered the hallmark of the Turkish resort..



  • Tours to Antalya
  • Tours to Antalya