Population of Africa. Population in Africa: features, density, composition

Population of Africa

Africa has a population of over 1 billion.
Africa is considered the ancestral home of humanity, because it was on the territory of this continent that the remains of the oldest species of Homosapiens were discovered. In addition, Africa can be called the birthplace of religions, because in the regions of Africa you can find a huge variety of cultures and religions..
In Africa live:

  • Algerian, Moroccan, Sudanese, Egyptian Arabs;
  • Yoruba;
  • hausa;
  • amhara;
  • other nationalities.

On average, 22 people live per 1 km2, but the most densely populated place on the continent is the island of Mauritius (about 500 people live per 1 km2), and the lowest populated is Libya (1-2 people live per 1 km2).
The northern part of the African continent is inhabited by the peoples of the Indo-Mediterranean race, the peoples of the Negro-Australoid race live to the south of the Sahara (they are divided into 3 small races - Negro, Negrillic, Bushman), and northeast Africa is inhabited by the peoples of the Ethiopian race.
There is no state language in Africa: they are the languages ​​of groups that have lived in this territory for a long time. The main ones are Afrosian, Nilo-Saharan, Niger-Kordofan, Khoisan, Indo-European language families. But the actual language is English.
Major cities in Africa: Lagos (Nigeria), Cairo (Egypt), Alexandria (Egypt), Casablanca (Morocco), Kinshasa (Congo), Nairobi (Kenya).
The population of Africa professes Islam, Christianity, Protestantism, Catholicism, Judaism.

Life span

Africans live on average 50 years.
The African continent is characterized by rather low indicators of life expectancy (on average in the world, people live up to 65 years).
Tunisia and Libya are the leaders: here people live on average up to 73 years old, residents of Central and East Africa - up to 43 years old, and the lowest rates were distinguished by Zambia and Zimbabwe - people live here only 32-33 years (this is due to the widespread spread of AIDS).
Low life expectancy is due to outbreaks of epidemics: people die not only from HIV / AIDS, but also from tuberculosis. And children often die from measles, malaria and malnutrition..
Health problems are largely dependent on a shortage of health workers (doctors and nurses flock to developed countries).

Traditions and customs of the peoples of Africa

An integral part of the customs and traditions of the peoples of Africa are shamans with supernatural powers and unique knowledge. All rituals shamans perform in special masks, which can be performed in the form of the head of a nonexistent animal or monster.
Africa has its own ideals of female beauty: beautiful women here are those who have long necks, so they hang rings on their necks and never take them off (otherwise the woman will die, because due to wearing hoops, the neck loses its muscles).
Africa is a hot and wild continent: despite the fact that today planes fly to all its corners, it is still a mysterious land of an alluring dream for us.