Tourism in Africa - development, photo

Tourism in Africa

The huge continent is called the cradle of humanity. Every year, thousands of travelers flock to Africa to touch history, awaken ancient instincts, and get acquainted with an amazing fascinating culture..

The continent occupies vast territories, which are home to many countries at different stages of development. Therefore, tourism in Africa is developing ambiguously. From the point of view of infrastructure, organization of the process of recreation, Egypt and Tunisia are undoubtedly the leaders. These resort countries have long and firmly worked for guests from abroad, there is a developed network of hotels, excursion programs, entertainment for all tastes and interests..

Where, what, when

Lovers of sunbathing and seascapes concentrate on the beaches of Egypt, Morocco or Tunisia. Fans of ancient Egyptian history go to the ruins of the great Carthage, and also spend more than one day in the vicinity of Giza, where the great creations of human hands are located - the pyramids.

True botanists and lovers of smaller brothers in Africa will find thousands of places to explore and admire. In the National Parks of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, there is every opportunity to get acquainted with the wild world of local nature. Famous African safaris have already found millions of fans around the world.

Dream islands

Small islands of land, separated from the African continent, have advanced much further in terms of tourism and gained worldwide fame. The coolest and most famous of them:

  • The Canary Islands, a haven for lovers from all over the planet;
  • Madagascar, the beauty and rich animal world of which even children know;
  • Seychelles, which received the unspoken title of the earthly paradise;
  • Mauritius, inviting to comprehend the secrets of the emerald jungle.

Living by the rules

A traveler arriving for the first time on the African continent should not rush into the sea of ​​local entertainment and amusements without looking back. First, you need to conduct a thorough exploration of the area, get acquainted with local customs, traditions, rules. Slowly get on top of things, do not break away from the guide, be sure to stock up on copies of documents, the necessary phone numbers.

Even before the trip, pay attention to the climate of the intended place of rest and weather conditions, purchase large quantities of sunscreens and medicines. Get tested and get all the necessary vaccinations. Serious preparation for the trip is the key to an excellent rest and only positive emotions and impressions.