Coat of arms of the city of Algeria: photo, meaning. Description of the coat of arms of Algeria

Coat of arms of Algeria

The name of the capital of one of the states located in North Africa, translated means «islands». They can no longer be found on the modern map, since they have become part of the mainland. But the coat of arms of Algeria, the main symbol of the city, reflects its geographical position, and the historical past, and the realities of modern life..

Coat of arms composition and its elements

The main heraldic symbol of the capital, the beautiful city of Algeria, can tell a lot to an attentive person. The coat of arms is distinguished by the complexity of the composition, the presence of a large number of elements and details, the meaning of which is easy to read.

Compositionally, it consists of two parts - a shield, which has a pointed shape at the bottom, and a fortress crowning the coat of arms. The shield is divided into two equal parts diagonally, each of them has its own symbols and colors: a sailboat located on a blue field; elements related to human activities shown in the green box.

Firstly, important symbols for the country are used, for example, a sailboat reminiscent of the heroic past, brave sailors who sought to discover new lands. Gear and plants - a kind of illustration of modern life in Algeria, demonstrating the development of industry and agriculture.

Secondly, the color of the fields is important, where the blue color symbolizes the sea, the role of navigation in the life of the country, green is the designation of the land, the mainland of the city.

At the crossroads of roads and cultures

On the coat of arms, there are two more important elements located in the center. They are silver lions supporting a red inverted crescent moon and star.

Predatory animals are a kind of reference to European heraldry, a reminder of the proximity of the African state to Europe. The crescent moon and star are symbols of Islam, the dominant religion in Algeria.

Another important element that completes the heraldic composition is the castle, which consists of three towers painted in golden color, with closed scarlet gates. There are several versions of the appearance of this symbol on the coat of arms of the city..

One of the versions suggests that the fortress walls symbolize protection from external enemies, which Algeria has had plenty of over its centuries-old history. Another answer is that the emblem shows the image of the Kasbah fortress, one of the most famous sights of the capital. In this ancient citadel city, unique buildings have survived to this day..