New Year in Algeria - photo. Celebrating the New Year in Algeria (Algeria) 2016

New Year in Algeria

One of the largest cities in North Africa, Algeria is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Founded in the 10th century, it has preserved many unique historical monuments and sights. Oriental flavor and amazing southern hospitality are a good reason to celebrate the New Year in Algeria and get acquainted with the customs of its inhabitants.

Berber holiday

A winter vacation in Algeria is worth planning for a long one. The fact is that the main celebrations on the occasion of the onset of the next year in this country are held twice. For the first time, the New Year in Algeria is celebrated with the rest of the world on January 1st. But this date is not so significant for the locals. As a rule, festive events are held in hotels for their guests, in restaurants with European cuisine and shopping centers that are oriented towards visitors..
The real action takes place in Algeria on January 13, when, according to the Berber tradition, the country enters Ennaer. This holiday is the new year according to the Berber calendar, and it is it that is widely and widely celebrated by the inhabitants of the country..
The Berber New Year in Algeria reflects the indigenous peoples' deep connection to agriculture. Berbers set a rich table, which is always a symbol of wealth. They try to cook for Ennaer all the best that their native land gave them. Beans with stewed vegetables symbolize the harvest, couscous with rooster meat - the prosperity of the family, and nuts and dried fruits - the hope for a sweet life. You will not find spicy and peppery on the table, so as not to trigger sorrows and problems.
The traditions of different Berber tribes differ somewhat, but the general trend of the holiday is observed by everyone. These days it is customary to have fun, visit family and friends, give gifts and arrange song and dance gatherings.

Legends of deep antiquity

The main attraction of the capital is the Kasbah fortress, located in the old city. Such fortresses are present in all ancient settlements of the states of North Africa, but in Algeria it is included in the list of objects protected by UNESCO. The entire center of the Old Town was included in the same list..
Another famous Algerian building is the Keshtava Mosque, built at the beginning of the 17th century. Columns of black and white marble are the main decoration of the famous monument, in which both Moorish and Byzantine architectural styles are mixed.
A traveler who turns out to be in Algeria on New Year's Eve will be pleased to wander through the ancient streets of the ancient city, especially since the weather is favorable for this in every possible way, and winter temperatures do not exceed 15-17 degrees above zero..

Photos of New Years celebration in Algeria