Flag of Algeria: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of Algeria

Flag of algeria

The national flag of the Algerian Democratic People's Republic was approved on July 3, 1962, immediately after the country's residents voted in a referendum for independence from France on July 1..

Description and proportions of the flag of Algeria

The national flag of Algeria is a traditional rectangular panel, the length of which refers to its width in a ratio of 3: 2. The rectangle is divided vertically into two equal parts. The field closer to the pole has a deep green color. The second half of the flag of Algeria is white. In the center of the panel there is a crescent that surrounds a five-pointed star from three sides on the left. These symbols are in red and are part of the emblem of the state..
The emblem is inscribed with the name of the state in Arabic in a circle. In the center of the circle is the rising sun, under which the hand of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad is depicted. This symbol is traditional for the Maghreb region, and the rising sun is a sign of a new era for the country. The coat of arms also contains images of the Atlas mountains and some symbols of industry and agriculture of Algeria.
The colors of the flag of Algeria were also not chosen by chance. The green field of the cloth is the color of the main religion practiced by the absolute majority of the country's inhabitants. Islamic states always have green on their flags. The white field is a symbol of the purity of the thoughts and aspirations of the Algerians, their hope for a just order of the world and faith in a better cloudless future. The red crescent moon covering the star is also one of the Muslim symbols.
The flag of the Algerian Navy is almost an exact copy of the state one. The only difference is that on the panels of the ships of the Navy in the upper corner at the shaft there is an image of two white crossed anchors.

History of the flag of Algeria

Prior to the approval of the modern state flag of Algeria, its exiled government used a slightly different version. The field of the former country symbol was divided vertically into two unequal parts. The narrower stripe closest to the shaft was made in green, and the outer, wider one - in white. At the intersection of the stripes at an equal distance from the upper and lower edges of the cloth, an emblem of a red crescent was depicted, covering a red five-pointed star on three sides.

Photos of the flag of Algeria