Food in Algeria. Food prices in Algeria: food

Traditional cuisine of Algeria

Food in Algeria is characterized by a varied diet. In addition, you can grab a bite to eat at reasonable prices in inexpensive Algerian cafes..

Food in Algeria

Algerian cuisine has been influenced by French, Arab and Turkish gastronomic traditions.
The diet of Algerians is made up of meat, fish, soups, salads, vegetables, legumes, goat cheese..
Fish is in high esteem among the Algerians: they bake it, boil it, stew it, fry it, stuff it, having previously seasoned it with spices (as a rule, various sauces are served with fish dishes).
In Algeria, you should eat semolina balls ("couscous"); braised lamb (buseluf); soup with meat broth (chorba), lamb offal stewed with zucchini and peas (dovara); spaghetti, served with chicken broth, potatoes and peas (rechta); a dish based on tomatoes, eggs, green peppers and onions (chakchouka); grilled fish, meat or chicken (mechoui); spicy lamb sausages ("mergez"); "guarantita" (chickpea omelette sandwich); grilled swordfish or gilthead; oven-baked sea wolf; shakshuka salad (it is made from boiled eggs and fresh vegetables); dishes of white sand truffles.
And those with a sweet tooth will be able to taste the "bride's fingers" (local cake), almond cookies (qalb el louz), almond cake with honey layer (baklawa).

Where to eat in Algeria?

At your service:
- national and restaurants specializing in Italian, French and Mediterranean cuisine;
- eateries with local cuisine and fast food establishments where you can taste pasties, dolma, kefta.

Drinks in Algeria

Popular drinks of the Algerians are citrus juices, tea (green, mint), coffee, Hamoud Boilem (a drink that tastes like "Sprite"), water (it is not enough in the country and it is expensive), wine.
Alcoholic drinks in the country can only be obtained by visiting specialty shops or prestigious Algerian restaurants and hotels..

Food tour to Algeria

Going on a gastronomic tour to Algeria, you will devote the first half of the day to exploring the main attractions of large Algerian cities, and you will have lunch and dinner with local dishes in cafes and restaurants of various towns and regions..
On vacation in Algeria, you can go on excursions, during which you will see the ruins of ancient cities that remained after the Turks, Romans, Byzantines, Carthaginians and Phoenicians, sunbathe on the beaches, go on a boat trip, horse trekking, a jeep trip to the desert , see an unusual lake filled with ink, as well as taste Algerian dishes that are distinguished by a wealth of flavors.

Photos of national dishes of Algeria