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Algeria metro: diagram, photo, description

Algeria metro map

The metro in the capital of Algeria was commissioned in 2011. So far, it is represented by only one line with a total length of a little less than ten kilometers. For the needs of passengers on the only Algerian metro route, ten stations have been opened, allowing for transfers to surface urban transport. The estimated passenger traffic in the metro of the capital of Algeria is at least 150 million people annually.
The opened subway became the second on the black continent, laid underground and the first in the union of countries that are members of the Maghreb coalition.
For the first time, the need for this type of public transport in Algeria was discussed in the 70s of the last century. The then demographic boom forced the government to look for new ways to get around the city for its exponentially increasing population. In 1985, the project was approved, but the subsequent economic crisis in the country forced the implementation of the plan to be postponed indefinitely. In fact, the construction of the Algerian metro began only in the 90s. The first half-kilometer section was commissioned in 1994, and five years later French specialists were involved in the construction..
The increase in oil prices in the 2000s contributed to the intensification of the construction of the subway in the capital of Algeria, and the first section of its only "red" line so far was given for testing in 2010. Testing was successful, and ten metro stations in Algeria, a few months after the start of the test, accepted the first passengers.
On the first line of the metro, there are 14 trains, each of which has six carriages. The number of passengers that such a train can accommodate is 1200 people, of which 208 can travel sitting in comfortable seats.
The names of stations in the Algerian metro are duplicated on the diagrams in English.

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