Traditions of Algeria - customs, photo

Algerian traditions

Four-fifths of the territory of this state is occupied by the Sahara, and the traditions of Algeria are largely associated with its majesty of the desert. Nomads and pastoralists, indigenous Berbers mixed with the Arab conquerors by blood and customs to create an amazing people who gave the world famous fashion designers and singers, artists and football players. Once in the white capital of Algeria on the shores of the blue Mediterranean Sea, the traveler understands forever that there is harmony in nature..

At the crossroads of worlds

Algeria is not only the largest African country. This state is located at a brisk crossroads, where the routes converge from Africa to Europe, from the east to the west, from the Mediterranean to the hot hell of the Sahara. Here Islam and Christianity, future and past, civilized and wild merge.
One of the traditions of Algeria is the preservation of the Berber language. The indigenous population of the country today is represented by the Tuareg tribes inhabiting the southern part of the state. These nomads are Muslim, but some of their customs came from pre-Islamic times. Women are especially honored by the Tuareg. They usually receive education, but representatives of the stronger sex may remain illiterate throughout their lives. Tuaregs are of maternal origin and inheritance, which is extremely rare in the modern world..

Gentlemen of Fortune

Once upon a time, pirates lived in this state and the most famous of them, named Barbarossa, even ruled Algeria. Modern Algerians are not at all bloodthirsty, but, on the contrary, are distinguished by their peaceful disposition and special hospitality. When they meet, they kiss and shake hands, which is a sign of respect and trust. Once in Algeria, you should follow some rules of conduct that have long become customary and commonplace for the indigenous people:

  • According to the tradition of Algeria, alcohol is sold only in special stores..
  • The local hotel may require confirmation of the fact of marriage from a couple trying to stay in the same room.
  • Once you are among those invited to the birthday of an Algerian, do not rush to buy a gift. Algerian Traditions Require Guests to Handle a Banquet on the Occasion of the Celebration.
  • Women in Algeria cannot smoke openly on the streets, but in a car or restaurant it is quite acceptable.
  • You should not try to bribe a police officer in the event of a traffic violation. The offering will not be accepted, and the likelihood of punishment will increase several times..