Trip to Algeria

Trip to Algeria

A trip to Algeria will give you the opportunity to feel the sultry breath of the hottest place on the planet - the Sahara Desert on your skin. After all, almost the entire territory of this vibrant state is located precisely on its sands. In fact, Algerians live in beautiful oases and near the beds of periodically dry rivers..

Public transport

The main way to travel around the country is by buses and trains. But the cheapest travel option is, of course, the bus. The length of highways is more than 100 thousand kilometers.

The capital of the country has its own subway, which opened in 2010. It connects the center of the capital with one of the outskirts - the Bourouba district. The total length of the line is 9.5 kilometers. It has 9 stops. In addition to Algeria, the metro is only in Cairo.

In addition to buses, you can get around city streets by taxis and minibuses..

Intercity communication is carried out using rather comfortable, air-conditioned buses. There are bus stations in almost all major cities of the country..

Railway transport

There is a train connection only in the northern part of Algeria. Trains run only between major cities. The total length of the tracks is about 5 thousand kilometers.

In total, there are eight trains on the roads of Algeria:

  • 4 trains run between the capital of the country and the city of Oran;
  • 2 trains run along the route Algeria - Annaba - Constantine;
  • one train runs on the Algeria - Esh Shelif route;
  • one train serving the Oran - Tlemcen route.

The announced schedule is being respected, and the trains themselves run fairly quickly. In general, the trip takes place in a comfortable environment..

Air transport

Internal communication is quite well developed. Domestic flights are served by 32 airports. It is noteworthy that for residents of the country, tickets are sold at the same price, but for tourists the cost of the flight is very much overestimated..

You can get by plane to the capital of Algeria from almost any major city. There are also flights connecting cities without landing at the airport complex of the capital..

The national carrier of the country is the company «Air Algeria». The company's aircraft fly daily to 28 countries. In addition to aircraft, local flights are also served by helicopters..

Water transport

Since the country has access to the Mediterranean coast, a large role is assigned to maritime traffic. The main port cities of the country are: Algeria; Mostaganem; Skigda; Bedjaya; Oran.

Algeria has a ferry service connecting coastal cities with Spain and France.