Flag of Andorra: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the Andorra national flag

Andorra flag

Approved in 1866, the state flag of the Principality of Andorra serves, together with the coat of arms and anthem, as the official symbol of the country..

Description and proportions of the flag of Andorra

The flag of Andorra is rectangular in shape and consists of three vertical stripes of unequal width. Closest to the shaft is a dark blue stripe, then a wider yellow stripe is located, and the extreme, equal in width to the blue, has a bright red color. The blue and red fields on the flag of Andorra represent France, the yellow and red fields represent Spain. It is on the border of these countries that the principality is located, which is one of the dwarf European states..
The coat of arms of the principality is inscribed on the yellow field of the national flag in the center of Andorra. Its modern version was adopted in 1969. The coat of arms on the flag has the form of a shield divided into four fields. In the upper left square there is an episcopal miter with a golden staff on a red field. The upper right square of the shield is gold with three red pillars, symbolizing the House of Foix, one of the most influential in southern France.
In the lower right square, on a gold field, there are two scarlet cows - a symbol of the southern region of France. The lower left margin is made up of four red pillars on gold - a symbolic representation of the province of Catalonia. These four fields are the coats of arms of the co-owners of Andorra. Their motto, inscribed on the coat of arms - «Together we are stronger».
The proportion in which the width of the Andorran flag corresponds to its length is 7:10.

History of the flag of Andorra

In 1866, the provisions of the constitution of the Principality of Andorra were developed, along with which the state symbols of the country were officially adopted: coat of arms, flag and anthem. Before that, the flag of Andorra was a two-color cloth, divided vertically into two equal parts - dark yellow and bright red.
In 1934, a Russian émigré and, in fact, an adventurer Boris Skosyrev proposed to the General Council of Andorra a plan to turn the country into a zone with a favorable tax regime and offered himself as king. For a while, the General Council approves him on the monarch's throne. At this time, the flag of Andorra is transformed into a tricolor, with three equal horizontal stripes. The top box turns red, the middle box turns yellow, and the bottom box turns blue. In the center of the flag there is a golden crown with precious stones.
A few days later, the newly proclaimed king was arrested by order of the Bishop of Uhelsky, and the usual state flag of Andorra took the place on the flagpoles..

Photos of the flag of Andorra