Holidays in Austria in August: prices and weather. Where to relax in Austria in August

Holidays in Austria in August

Holidays in Austria in August

Austria, according to many tourists, is a kaleidoscope of history, art, music, architecture that never ceases to amaze. Every wanderer will find his own shrines and relics in this country. Vienna will warmly welcome fans of architecture into its arms, opera lovers and professionals gather in Salzburg, and those tourists who are attracted by natural beauty flock to the Carinthian lakes.

Holidays in Austria in August will not be overshadowed by rains or bad weather, on the contrary, the vacation time will be held in very warm, and sometimes hot conditions.

August weather conditions

The last month of summer promotes enjoyment of the Austrian sun, warmth, walks along the picturesque Alpine slopes, meditation on the shore of a lake with clear water. In cities, salvation from the heat can be found in the famous Austrian museums, concert halls, parks and squares..

The air temperature in most of Austria, as in July, is around +26 ° C. In the foothills of the Alps, the column drops down by 5 ° C, and in high-mountain resorts, it surprises tourists with an unusual cool temperature of +15 ° C.

Holidays in the mountains

Life in the alpine ski resorts does not stop even in August, only the range of services differs from the winter one. The list includes many sports activities for active vacationers, for example, hiking, designed for various levels of difficulty, rafting, paragliding and other extreme offers.

Music Festival

In order to understand Austria, you need to learn how to listen to music composed not only by local celebrities. This will help a visit to the enchanting Salzburg Festival, which is held annually in the summer. The best musicians of the world are honored to participate in it, and the program of the holiday includes concerts, drama and opera performances..

Tourists who choose to rest in the capital of the country also have the opportunity to enjoy great music without going anywhere. In mid-July, concerts begin as part of the Great Vienna Festival. They will last for a whole month, allowing true music lovers to experience pleasure and delight from the impeccable performance of genius creations..

But not only the best scenes are given to classical music, in Burgenland it has already become a tradition to hold the Operetta Lake Festival. Wonderful concert programs are organized every Saturday and Sunday under the blue Austrian sky in the bosom of nature.

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  • Holidays in Austria in August
  • Holidays in Austria in August