Culture of Azerbaijan: traditions, features

Culture of Azerbaijan

Culture of Azerbaijan

Located at the historical crossroads of East and West, Azerbaijan has absorbed the traditions and customs of the peoples around it for many centuries, especially since representatives of many nationalities have always lived in the country. The history of the state was full of various political and historical upheavals, which could not but find reflection in the bright and distinctive culture of Azerbaijan.

Architectural relics

There are many ancient buildings on the territory of modern Azerbaijan. The earliest are located in the villages of Qum and Lekit. These are ancient temples, erected no later than the 5th century, belonging to the architectural monuments of Caucasian Albania. The capital also has a magnificent architectural example of the culture of Azerbaijan - the Maiden Tower. The fortress building in its present form was erected in the 12th century on the site of an older structure dating from the 6th century BC. The tower was never captured by any of the enemies attacking Baku, and its outlines serve as the hallmark of the old part of the city..
Islam, as the main religion professed by the Azerbaijani people, has brought its own characteristics to the architectural appearance of the country. The most famous and ancient mosques are considered a building in the city of Akhsu, dating back to the VIII century, and a relic of national architecture in Shemakha. The local Juma mosque was built in the middle of the 8th century and is one of the earliest in the Caucasus.

Flying carpets

Its magnificent handmade carpets are considered one of the most recognizable symbols of Azerbaijan. Carpet weaving is as much a part of the culture of Azerbaijan as music, literature or painting. It is the carpets woven in Baku, Shirvan or Karabakh that are considered real Caucasian, and researchers of historical realities call Azerbaijan itself the birthplace of Russian Caucasian woven masterpieces.
The UNESCO organization included the art of Azerbaijani carpet weaving in the lists of intangible cultural heritage, and the works of local craftswomen have repeatedly won top places at competitions and exhibitions of world importance. Old carpets can be seen in the museums of Baku and Karabakh, and the product of modern creativity can be bought in any city of Azerbaijan..

The soul of the folk dance

The culture of Azerbaijan for many is also its dances, in which the best feelings are expressed and the soul of the people is revealed. Local dances can be slow or fast, smooth or incendiary, solo or collective, but the sincerity of the performers and their high professional skill are invariable in them. That is why tickets for performances of dance groups of Azerbaijan are in great demand among tourists..


  • Culture of Azerbaijan
  • Culture of Azerbaijan