Coat of arms of the Bahamas: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of the Bahamas

Official symbols of many countries of the world are built in full accordance with the basic tenets of heraldic science. And yet, sometimes the mentality of the authors of a sketch or project plays a decisive role, then peculiar emblems are born. For example, although the coat of arms of the Bahamas is based on classical principles, it still looks rather exotic..

Pink flamingo and blue marlin

The following elements are located on the official symbol of the Bahamas:

  • classic shield divided into two halves;
  • a shield in the form of a shell, topped with a windbreak;
  • supporters represented by marlin and flamingos;
  • Phrygian cap and palm tree crowning the composition.

It would seem that it is a classical construction typical for many countries of the Old and New Worlds. And yet there are significant differences. Firstly, the heraldry connoisseur is surprised by the selection of colors for the emblem, which turned out to be very variegated, there are blue and red, green and orange, yellow and pink tones. One of the versions of why almost all the colors of the rainbow are present in the image of the coat of arms says that multicolor symbolizes the bright future of this young state. In addition, such a cheerful coat of arms of the Bahamas can serve as an attractive moment for tourists..

Secondly, the brightest representatives of the local fauna were chosen for the role of supporters, but not everyone is familiar with lions or leopards. On the right, the shield is held by a pink flamingo, on the left - a blue marlin. They are considered the national animals of the Bahamas, although they are ubiquitous, they are found in various regions of the planet. Blue marlin holds the record for the largest in its family, and its dishes are a delicacy.

There is one more feature - the bird stands on a green base, and the fish is positioned vertically, leaning on the ocean waves. This emphasizes the important role of the ocean in the life of the state..

Solar shield

The image of the shield on the coat of arms is made in the traditional style: it is divided into two parts, in the upper, blue, the rising sun is drawn. The luminary acts as a symbol of a young nation. This element is often present on the emblems and emblems of different countries. In the lower, silver part, the ship of Christopher Columbus sails along the waves «Santa maria», which brought him worldwide fame and remained in history. The ship also acts as a symbol of the developed navigation in the Bahamas, which is an integral, important part of the economy..