Flag of the Bahamas: photos, history, meaning of the colors of the state flag of the Bahamas

Flag of the Bahamas

The state flag of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas was first raised in July 1973 when the country gained independence as part of the British Commonwealth..

Description and proportions of the flag of the Bahamas

The flag of the Bahamas has the shape of a classic rectangle, like most of the flags of states on the political map of the world. Its length is exactly twice its width. The Bahamas flag can be used for any purpose on land, including by government agencies and citizens of the country, its land forces and officials.
The main field of the flag of the Bahamas is divided horizontally into three stripes of equal width: the top and bottom are bright blue and the middle is yellow. An equilateral triangle is cut into the field of the flag from the pole, the side length of which is equal to the width of the flag of the Bahamas. This figure on the banner symbolizes the unity of the people of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and their determination to achieve their goals. The aquamarine fields on the flag are a reminder that the Bahamas is located in the Caribbean. The gold of the center of the flag is the lands of the islands, generously giving their inhabitants their treasures.
The civilian naval flags of the Bahamas have a red field on which is a white St. George's Cross. He divides the flag field into four equal parts, in the upper left of which the state flag of the Bahamas is inscribed.
The Commonwealth Navy flag is a white rectangle that is divided into four equal parts by a red St. George cross. The national flag of the country is also placed on this panel in its upper left quarter..

History of the flag of the Bahamas

The archipelago fell under colonial dependence on Great Britain back in 1718. The islands were under-populated for a long time, but by the end of the 18th century, many exiled loyalists arrived here. A hundred years later, the first flag appeared at the colony, which was a classic banner for the overseas possessions of Great Britain. It had the blue color of the main field, in the upper quarter at the pole was the British flag, and on the right half - the coat of arms of the Bahamas colony.
Having received the right of internal self-government in 1964, the Bahamas chose their own path of development and in 1973 achieved final sovereignty and independence. Then the yellow-black-blue symbol of statehood - the flag of the Bahamas appeared on the flagpoles.

Photos of the Bahamas flag