How long is it to fly from the Bahamas to Moscow?

How much to fly from the Bahamas to Moscow?

In the Bahamas, you managed to paraglide and go diving, visit the Ardastra gardens, visit one of the many casinos, the Pirate Museum, a yacht trip, a national park “Abaco”, watch exotic iguanas and pink flamingos on the island of Inagua, spend time in sports centers on the island of New Providence, feel like a Robinson, having gone on an excursion to one of the uninhabited islands? Now you're lost in thought about flying backwards?

How much to fly from the Bahamas to Moscow?

The Bahamas are 9150 km away from Moscow, so you will spend at least 13 hours on the road without connecting (it should be noted that there are no direct flights on this route, so travelers will have to fly home via the USA or Europe).

Those interested in the cost of air tickets on this route should know that it is at least 28,600-32,000 rubles (the sale of relatively inexpensive tickets falls on June, May, October).

Flight Bahamas - Moscow with transfers

Interchange flights include stops in London, New York, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Houston or other cities. The most popular route is the New York stopover flight: from “United Airlines” and “Transaero” you will spend 35.5 hours on the road (before boarding the second plane you will have more than 22 hours in reserve), with “Delta Airlines” - almost 39 hours (you will have to wait for the docking about 25 hours), and with “Delta Airlines” and “Aeroflot” - 14.5 hours (you will be offered to transfer to the second flight in 2 hours and 20 minutes). If you fly via London (British Airlines”), you will spend 17 hours on the trip (waiting for the docking - about 4 hours), via Frankfurt am Main (“United Airlines”) - 13.5 hours, via Zurich (“United Airlines”) - 28 hours.

Which airline to choose?

Passenger transportation in this direction is carried out on Airbus A 319, A 320, A 330-200 and other aircraft at the disposal of the following companies: “Delta Airlines”; “British airways”; “Transaero”; “Jet blue airways”.

Flights from the Bahamas to Moscow are operated from Lynden Pindling Airport (NAS), 16 km from the capital of the Bahamas. Here you can taste traditional and exotic dishes in local cafes and restaurants, go shopping in shops, including those that are engaged in duty-free shopping, smoke in a special lounge, visit bank offices, use the services of ATMs and payment terminals..

What to do with yourself on the plane?

During the flight, you can have a good night's sleep and devote a little time to reflections that will allow you to decide which of your loved ones to present souvenirs from the Bahamas in the form of crystal and straw products, leather bags, watches, photographic equipment, coffee and rum, various amulets, coral beads, products batik and porcelain.