Resorts of the Bahamas: photos, description

Resorts in the Bahamas

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas, as this state is correctly called, includes about seven hundred pieces of land of various sizes, and only three dozen of them are inhabited. But this amount is quite enough for the local beaches to be always full of people who want to take a break from the noisy megacities and gray everyday life. The resorts of the Bahamas are especially popular among residents of the Western Hemisphere, but Russian travelers are also not averse to getting to know the wonderful overseas archipelago..

A million pleasures

If the definition of "million" seems to some an exaggeration to fans of exact numbers, then even they will not be bored in the resorts of the Bahamas. Everything here is tailored for tourists and tourists. Luxurious hotels shine with cleanliness, restaurants offer fresh seafood, many of which we have not even heard the names of, and gambling establishments offer to try your luck in order to immediately spoil what you won at a noisy party in the nearest nightclub..
The beaches in the Bahamas are clean and level with a strip of white and pink sand stretching into the distance beyond the horizon. The Caribbean Sea, in which the archipelago drifts, does not need any recommendations at all, and therefore it is impossible to come up with contraindications for rest here, with all the desire.

Always in the TOP

The list of the most popular resorts in the Bahamas rightfully includes:

  • Long Island, with its beach at the North Cape of Santa Maria, is on every list of the best vacation spots on the planet. There are not too many tourists here, and therefore there are still enough places that are not familiar with civilization for a secluded vacation or romantic vacation..
  • The island of Grand Bahama, on the other hand, is bustling and colorful. Less than 100 km separates it from Florida, and therefore there are especially many Americans who want to get their portion of pleasure for a long weekend.
  • Andros Island is the least explored resort in the Bahamas. The sea water and the beaches here are so clean that you can watch the marine fauna without diving, but lie on the sand, without worrying about sun loungers. On Andros, real fishing villages have survived, whose residents still earn a living from this fishery, and not just pose with nets in their hands for a couple of dollars for the needs of tourists.
  • Diving, scuba diving and sailing is best in the resorts of the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas. The sea in this area is especially beautiful, and the frequent ebb and flow allows you to observe it in constant change..