Prices in the Bahamas - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take for the Bahamas

Prices in the Bahamas

The prices in the Bahamas are very high: by visiting these islands, you will learn what a luxury vacation is. It is worth considering that in winter prices for accommodation in local hotels increase by about 30%.

Shopping and souvenirs

In local boutiques, malls, shops, markets and shops, you will find anything you want at affordable prices. For example, perfumes, leather goods, photographic equipment, watches and other goods are 25-45% cheaper here than in the United States, since duties on their import and export have been canceled. For such shopping, it is best to go to Bay Street (the old part of Nassau). You can make no less profitable purchases on the small island of Paradise.

As a souvenir of your vacation in the Bahamas, you should bring:

  • straw products (for them it is advisable to go to Nassau on “straw market”), jewelry, national clothes, crystal and porcelain products, watches of famous brands, perfumes, leather bags, various amulets, photographic equipment, a bottle of water collected from the fountain of youth, ships made of shells, paintings made of wood and shells;
  • coffee, rum (“Nassau Royal”).

In the Bahamas, you can buy souvenirs related to the work of E. Hemingway from $ 15, rum - from $ 10, coral beads - from $ 40.

Excursions and entertainment

On a sightseeing tour of Nassau, you will stroll through the center of the capital, see the Government House, the Royal Stairs, the water tower, historic fortifications, as well as visit the thatched market, where you can make bargain purchases. A two-hour tour will cost you $ 35.

If you wish, you should go on an excursion that involves visiting Nassau and exploring the main historical sights of the capital. In addition, as part of this excursion, you will visit the Adastra Gardens and the Retreat Gardens nature reserve (the cost of the excursion with show and lunch is $ 80).

On excursions “Robinson Crusoe” (approximate cost $ 80) you will be taken to one of the uninhabited islands of the Bahamas archipelago. The whole day you can sunbathe, swim, engage in active water activities, for example, with a mask, fins and snorkel.

If you decide to watch dolphins, you should definitely go on a boat trip - you will be taken to a deserted island, making a stop in the lagoon. Here you can swim, play and pet these cute animals. On average, an excursion costs $ 70.


The Bahamas does not have public transport - you can get around here by bicycle, car or motorcycle. The approximate cost of renting a car is $ 80 / day, and a bicycle is $ 10 / day. For a taxi ride, you will pay $ 2 for the first 1.5 km of the journey + $ 0.4 for each subsequent km.

When planning to spend a vacation in the Bahamas, it is advisable to include in your vacation budget an amount at the rate of $ 190-200 per day for 1 person.