Airports in Bahamas - list of international airports in Bahamas

Airports in Bahamas

More than sixty airstrips and airports in the Bahamas are ready to take passengers on a paradise beach holiday on the islands of their dreams. In order for it to come true, a Russian traveler does not even need a visa. You just need to book a flight and throw a good book into your suitcase - the flight will be long and take at least 13 hours, but it's worth it!
The best way to get to the Bahamas from Moscow is to check in for a British Airways flight connecting in London. Flying through New York or Miami will require a US transit visa.

Bahamas International Airports

On the archipelago, two airports have international status:

  • The largest international airport in the Bahamas. Linden Pindling on New Providence Island. The city where the airport is located is the capital of the country, Nassau. Its center and passenger terminal are only 16 km away.
  • The second international airport of the Bahamas is an air harbor 5 km from the city of Freeport on the Grand Bahama Island.

Metropolitan direction 

Airport them. Linden Pindling in the capital is the hub for the local airline Bahamasair. In addition, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways land here, bringing American tourists to the beach..
CanJet, Air Canada and WestJet fly from Canada to the Bahamas, and Cubana de Aviacion connects Cuba with the archipelago. In the schedule of the international airport in the Bahamas, there are flights to the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Domestic flights from New Providence to all other islands in the archipelago.
For transfers from the airport to hotels on New Providence Island, it is best to take a taxi or order a service from the hotel administration.

In the Grand Bahama

The international airport at Freeport on the Grand Bahama Island receives large aircraft thanks to its modern and long runway. It is connected by flights to almost all major American cities, including Miami, New York, Atlanta and Charlotte. The most frequent guests on its territory are American Airlines, Delta Airlines and US Airways. Travelers can use the airport to transfer flights to the small islands of the Bahamas.

To the Caribbean islands

Airports in the Bahamas are located in almost every resort location. They take flights from the country's international airports in Nassau and Freeport, and the most popular with tourists are located in Bimini, Andros Town, New Bight, Exuma, Inagua, Rock Sound, San Salvador and Walkers Key..
Transfer to these airports can be booked from the hotel, as taxis and public transport are simply not available on the small islands of the archipelago..