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Traditional Belgian cuisine

Traditional Belgian cuisine

Food in Belgium is characterized by the fact that in the country everyone can find a food establishment for every taste and budget. Despite the fact that there are not so many eateries and bistros open in cities, you can eat economically in numerous cafes, each of which offers its visitors quite exquisite and inexpensive dishes..

Food in Belgium

Belgian cuisine has been influenced by German and French culinary traditions. In addition, this cuisine has elements of medieval cuisine, as the local dishes are flavored with herbs, spices and mustard, as well as in Belgian cuisine, combinations of salty with sweet and sweet with sour are widespread..

The diet of the Belgians consists of vegetables, seafood, meat, fish, soups, dairy products. In Belgium, try potatoes and other vegetable puree (stoemp); rabbit with prunes cooked in beer (konijn in geuze / lapin a la gueuze); beef stewed in beer (vlaamse stoofkarbonaden); eel in herbal sauce (paling in ‘t groen / anguilles au ver); stewed meat or fish with mushrooms in vegetable broth (“waterza”).

Those with a sweet tooth will probably want to enjoy Belgian waffles and chocolate (Leonidas, Godiva, Neuhaus, Marcolini, Galler), almond pies, caramel biscuits, creamy meringues.

Where to eat in Belgium? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants offering their visitors to order dishes of Belgian, Turkish, Mexican, Chinese and other cuisines;
  • sushi bars, bistros, snack bars, fast food restaurants (McDonalds, Quick).

Drinks in Belgium

Popular Belgian drinks - coffee, fruit juices, beer, wine.

Locals love beer so much that they use it as a basis for preparing all kinds of dishes - marinades, sauces, gravies, soups dressings.

Beer lovers should try Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegaarden, Jupiler, Duvel, as well as Kriek - fruit and berry flavored beer.

If you decide to visit the town of Leuven, be sure to go to the Oude Markt - it transforms every evening, turning into a large-scale open-air beer bar ...

Gastronomic tour to Belgium

Going on a gastronomic tour in Brussels, you will visit luxurious restaurants, where you will be offered to taste the freshest seafood, freshly caught fish and the most delicate desserts.

If you go on tour “Beer Brussels”, you will visit the oldest Brussels brewery of the Van Roy-Cantillon family and taste the famous Belgian beer. And on tour “Chocolate Brussels” you will visit the Chocolate Museum and enjoy this wonderful sweet product.

Belgium is famous not only for its Gothic cathedrals and medieval castles, but also for its amazing beer, sweets and national dishes..

Photos of national dishes of Belgium

  • Traditional Belgian cuisine
  • Traditional Belgian cuisine
  • Traditional Belgian cuisine