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Tours to Brussels

Tours to Brussels

The average traveler knows a lot about the Belgian capital: the headquarters of the European Union is located here, delicious chocolate and perfectly cut diamonds are sold, and not far from the main square, a bronze boy is writing, whose prototype once saved the city from a fire. They also buy tours to Brussels to admire the ancient buildings on the Grand Place that have proper names, wander through the Mini-Europe park, where all the famous sights of the Old World are immortalized on a scale of 1:25, and sigh about the eternal at the immortal paintings of Rubens and Brueghel at the Royal Museums.

History with geography

A beautiful legend about the origin of the city is told to all participants of excursions during tours to Brussels. It was founded by Saint Gagerik, who waged an irreconcilable struggle against paganism in the 6th century. The name of the city, translated from Old Dutch, means "a village in a swamp". The Middle Ages were marked by prosperity and today's Belgian capital was even honored to become the capital of Burgundy. It was then that jewelers appeared here and artists settled here, who were to become the great Flemings..

Briefly about the important

  • The weather in the Belgian capital is formed by a temperate maritime climate, which is characterized by small fluctuations in daily and annual temperatures. The hottest here is in July, when the thermometers can rise to +23, and in January it is rarely colder than 0. The rainiest months are November and December, but it will be difficult to wait for snow during tours to Brussels.
  • In the capital, French and Dutch are considered the official languages, and therefore the signs are made in two versions..
  • Taxis in Brussels use a unified tariff system, and the fare does not depend on the name of the operator. Passenger-certified vehicles have a luminous roof sign with a yellow iris pattern. The color of the car itself is white or black.
  • Brussels International Airport receives daily flights from the Russian capital. Direct flight takes about 3.5 hours.

Brussels fashionista

Mannequin Peace has remained the most popular symbol of the Belgian capital for many decades. The history of its appearance is shrouded in mystery, and even the most experienced guides will not give the tour participants to Brussels an exact answer to the question of who and when installed the bronze figurine at the intersection of Dubovaya and Bannaya streets..
Legend has it that it was in this way that the boy extinguished the enemy's ammunition, which flared up during the war at the city wall, and prevented a fire in the medieval city. Whether it is true or not, the Brussels people do not care now, and the little bully boasts a huge wardrobe, in which, among eight hundred clothes, there is both the uniform of the national football team and the costumes of world-famous rock stars..


  • Tours to Brussels
  • Tours to Brussels