Belgium transport. Public transport in Belgium - types, development

Transport in Belgium

Transport in Belgium

Transport in Belgium is represented by almost all types of communications, with the exception of domestic airlines, but due to the small size of the country, there is no urgent need for them here (the whole country can be traveled by train in 3 hours).

Popular modes of transport in Belgium

  • Urban public transport: This includes trams, buses and the metro. At each entry into the transport, including when changing trains (this will not be considered a new boarding), tickets must be validated. To travel by bus, you can buy a one-time, day, night and ticket valid for 3, 5, 10 days. If you wish, you can purchase a Brussels Card (valid for 3 days) - thanks to it you can move around by public transport and visit theaters, museums and exhibitions free of charge.
  • Rail transport: by rail you can reach almost all settlements. On such a trip, you can admire the Belgian nature and, if you wish, get off at any stop to take a walk around the city, without having to purchase a new ticket to continue your journey by train.
  • Water transport: some Brussels cities can be reached by water. So, for example, for travelers there is a water bus Waterbus (this passenger boat will take about 90 people), which departs on flights every Tuesday and Thursday. If your plans include river and canal walks, you should hire a boat.


If necessary, you can give preference to travel by taxi - all companies have a single tariff scheme (they are subordinate to the Taxi Directorate, where you can contact in case of a complaint or loss). If you need a taxi in Brussels at night, you can use the Collecto taxi service, which can be found in many places in the city..

Car rent

To rent a car, you need to have an international driver's license and a credit card. In addition, you will be asked to pay for your insurance. To avoid paying a fine, do not park in the wrong places, leave an unlocked car or a car with a window ajar (because of your negligence, the police will have to look for a thief or a hijacker), drive through a yellow light, talk on the phone while driving, and do not follow priority rules at an intersection. As for parking lots, you cannot leave your car on the sidewalk, sidewalks or near bus stops (your car will be evacuated). Important: special care should be taken when driving through tunnels with multiple exits (they are often poorly marked).

Thanks to the developed transport system in Belgium, everyone will be able not only to travel within the country without any problems, but also to travel to the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany or France..


  • Transport in Belgium
  • Transport in Belgium
  • Transport in Belgium