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Tours to Sofia

"Chicken is not a bird, Bulgaria is not abroad" Soviet people once joked, masking with this phrase the unquenched thirst for travel and envy of those who could relax on the beaches of Burgas or Varna. But the capital of Bulgaria enjoyed less success, although it is here that a whole constellation of historical and architectural sights is concentrated, giving it a solid status of a city with a significant cultural heritage. Going on tours to Sofia, you will have to stock up on comfortable shoes and a capacious memory card for the camera, because you will have to walk and shoot a lot.

History with geography

The city appeared in the 1st century AD and was then called Serdika after the Serd tribe who founded their settlements here. Since then, Sofia fell under Turkish rule and again became Orthodox, until in 1879 it was "appointed" as the capital of the independent Bulgarian state..
Sofia is located on the northern slope of the Vitosha mountain range, and its natural attractions have long been sources of mineral water, which healed many ailments. By the way, in the Bulgarian capital there is a complex of fountains, from which useful drinking water gushes..

Briefly about the important

  • Sofia's climate is continental, but rather humid. In winter, there are real frosts and snow, and the air temperature even during the day is in the redistribution of minus marks. In summer, the participants of the tour to Sofia enjoy warmth and sun, precipitation is likely, but not long, and the temperature can reach +30.
  • The tour to Sofia usually begins at the international airport of the capital of Bulgaria, where direct flights from Moscow fly. The flight time is about three hours. Both capitals are connected by a railway, which the train overcomes in a little more than two days..
  • Getting around Sofia is convenient by metro or buses. Lovers of the good old tram will love the routes passing through the historic part of the city. Such a trip is quite capable of replacing a full sightseeing tour.
  • It is in the center that the participants of the tour to Sofia should look for hotels from which it will be convenient to get to museums and architectural monuments. Even hostels in the capital of Bulgaria are very comfortable, and the hospitality of the Balkan people has always been perfect and impeccable..
  • If you are on a tour in Sofia during any holiday, you can become a member of the indispensable festivals and fairs, the agenda of which is tasting local cuisine.

Sofia city