Sofia shops. Shopping centers and markets in Sofia

Shopping centers and markets in Sofia

Shopping in Sofia is a very pleasant experience. Prices, completeness of collections, number of stores do not disappoint. Put on your shoes more comfortably, arm yourself with the knowledge of popular Bulgarian souvenirs - and off you go! The most common gifts for friends from Bulgaria are alcoholic drinks - brandy and mastic, girls will like rose oil, well, a variety of embroidered napkins, ceramics, leather souvenirs will suit everyone.

Popular retail outlets

  • Vitosha Boulevard is one of the central streets of the city, designed for walking, getting aesthetic pleasure from architecture and design, shopping and other city entertainment. Boutiques of Bulgarian and all well-known European manufacturers, cafes, restaurants, bars, human hubbub, which does not stop until late in the evening, quiet side streets with their own shops.
  • TSUM - in the past, the largest department store in the capital. Currently, there are larger shopping centers, but TSUM has not lost its former luxury. This applies to both the interior and the range of goods. In clothing, the department store prefers Italian and German brands, and provides a large selection of women's business clothing. There is a large-scale furniture store and a chic pastry shop on the second floor. Located on Princess Maria Luisa Boulevard.
  • Serdika Center - bypassed in size and popularity of the Central Department Store of Sofia. The mall is built in the spirit of the latest trends for shopping and entertainment centers. There is free parking, a wide range of entertainment, points to restore the spent calories. Although there is an electronics store and a large grocery store in the center, its main source of income is ultra-fashionable clothes and everything related to it. In terms of diversity and scale, the Serdica Center is second only to the Paradise Center.
  • Paradise Center is the newest shopping mall popular with Sofia residents and city guests. In his project, attention is paid to many aspects, including the convenient location at the intersection of the main connecting city transport arteries and the creation of the interior. There are four zones in the center, different in design - «Garden», «Canyon», «Terrace» and «Boulevard». The designers managed to create a feeling of being in the open air in the natural environment for the visitors. Original fountains and an abundance of light help to forget about the daily hustle and bustle and easily spend a decent amount. There is nothing standard here. If it is a cinema, then it has a 4D hall, if the fitness area has a swimming pool, and the entertainment area was designed by one of the creators of the attractions in Disneyland. The variety of goods is amazing - clothes, cosmetics, furniture, appliances, books, etc., and so on. There are many companies and goods in the center, presented in Bulgaria only on its retail space..
  • The second-hand market is located on Slaveykov Square. Among the large amount of modern literature on the shelves there are also rarities..
  • Those who prefer to explore new countries through live communication with ordinary people will like the Hali city market on Banski Square with its farmers and the fruits of their labor, craft and souvenir shops.

Photos of Sofia shops