Beaches of Nessebar: photo, video. The best sandy beaches in Nessebar (Bulgaria)

Beaches in Nessebar

Can you imagine any other holiday destination than Bulgaria? Then try going to the beaches of Nessebar. Finding yourself a place in the sun is not so difficult here. And although many vacationers habitually go to the located very near Sunny Beach, the coast in the city of Nessebar is considered the most beautiful in the country. These sandy dune-lined beaches are located in the southern part of the picturesque Black Sea bay..

South Beach of Nessebar

This beach of Nessebar goes directly to the Black Sea, and not to the bay. It is easy to find as it stretches along the E87. It is enough to go along it to the village of Ravda, and this coastline will be next to you..

It often storms here, because the beach is not in the bay. But in these cases, rescuers fly a yellow flag to warn. The red flag is a sign of very critical situations. And only green guarantees the serenity and safety of bathing.

But you can almost always sunbathe here - even when it is slightly stormy. Moreover, not only in summer, but also in autumn. In winter, it is, of course, chilly here, and in spring everything only starts to warm up. But the fact that most of the beach is fenced off from the wind by high dunes makes it possible to extend the velvet season..

The sea in this place is considered to be very clean. It's shallow here. The wonderful property of this beach is its gorgeous golden sand. This beach has two zones: absolutely free and partially paid. You can freely come to the first one with your own bedding, towel and other beach accessories and soak up the warm rays of the sun. In the second zone, sometimes only umbrellas are paid, but if we are talking about the high season, then the administration, regulating the flow of tourists, also collects an entrance fee..

North beach

The North Beach can be found next to the river station in the Old Town. And although the sea in this part is not as clean as on the South Beach, this is compensated by the absence of too large waves. They say that in the latter the best sandy beaches of Nessebar end, as on the North Beach the coast is strewn with pebbles and shell rock. Algae are often found in the water near the coast, the seabed is rocky, but turns into sandy as it enters the water. It is recommended to walk here in beach shoes - flip-flops (flip flops) or in slippers for coral.

But the views on the North Beach are amazing. This place can be called more romantic than South Beach. Therefore, they often take pictures here, walk, and go swimming to the South Beach. North Beach overlooks the famous Sunny Beach.

Admission is free on the North Beach, except for the territory of several hotels, however, sun loungers and umbrellas are paid here..

Wild stone beaches

After the North Beach, there are wild, very stone beaches for 2 km. There are very large stones, however, and here they found a place where you can swim! These are four concrete areas where you can sunbathe and plunge into the sea without having to make painful travels over rocks. But the water here is exceptionally clean.

Photos of the beaches of Nessebar