Cost of living in Bulgaria

Cost of living in Bulgaria

Russians who are going on vacation to the warm sea and gentle sun often turn their gaze towards their nearest neighbors. After all, the cost of living in Bulgaria or the same Montenegro is much lower than in the resorts of Western Europe. Moreover, Bulgaria has always been distinguished by its friendly attitude towards its large eastern neighbor. And its resorts are ready to receive a large number of guests..

Where to live?

There are many options for summer pastime in Bulgaria, depending on the available finances, you can choose:

  • large resorts with developed infrastructure, but also slightly overpriced;
  • new democratic resorts that have not yet found their regular client;
  • small villages by the sea, creating an almost homely atmosphere.

One of the most expensive Bulgarian resorts is Golden Sands, here the cost of living for one person is 60 euros (4 * apartments), 70 euros (3-4 * hotel), 100 euros (5 * hotel). Nessebar offers accommodation for 10-15 euros per day in a modest 2 * hotel, for 15-20 euros - in a guest house, from 15 euros the cost of 3 * hotels starts. Early booking, room or apartment rentals at the beginning or end of the season are encouraged.

By the way, many tourists prefer apartments rather than hotels or hotels. Thus, the cost of living becomes even lower. Many of these apartments have kitchens and the ability to cook yourself. This option is suitable for families with children. To quickly adapt to the new climate and conditions, it is important to maintain the same diet. Apartments, moreover, are much cheaper than hotel rooms.

Variety of resorts

The resorts of Bulgaria already have their own clientele, so beginners should think about before buying the first voucher that comes to hand. The resorts of Elenite and Dyuny are suitable for a relaxing holiday, but it is worth taking care of the vouchers in advance because of their popularity..

The long-known Bulgarian resorts of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands have been chosen by young people. There is a huge number of restaurants, cafes, original nightclubs and other entertainment facilities..

Nessebar or Sozopol are suitable for history buffs, as the old centers of these resort towns are perfectly preserved. In addition to a beach holiday, here you can travel for hours along narrow streets in search of original architecture or an old church..

Bulgaria has been and remains a democratic paradise for young people who adore fashionable parties, and people with small children who need sandy beaches and gentle slopes. Bulgarian resorts will appeal to people of age who are used to a leisurely life and know how to enjoy every minute. Each of the tourists will be able to find accommodation in local resorts to suit their taste and finance..