Transport in Bulgaria. Public transport in Bulgaria - types, development

Transport in Bulgaria

Transport in Bulgaria is a well-established network of various communications, represented by buses, trains, airplanes, river shipping ...

The main types of transport in Bulgaria are:

- Public transport: it includes trams, buses (drivers adhere to the declared schedule) and trolleybuses, in Sofia there is also a metro, and in large cities - route taxis.
You can buy a ticket (it is subject to composting at the entrance) for public transport from the driver or at the ticket office at the bus stop. And for the carriage of an animal and bulky baggage (its dimensions are more than 60/60/40 cm), you need to purchase another ticket.
It should be borne in mind that, if you wish, by bus you can get to places that are not paved by train routes, for example, to settlements in the mountains, besides, the cost of bus tickets will be more favorable.

- Railway transport: by train you can reach almost all Bulgarian cities. The most popular routes are Sofia - Burgas and Sofia - Varna..
Trains are subdivided into express and passenger, and coupes are 2-seater class 1, 4- and 6-seater class 2, and soft seats (class 1 and 2).

- Air traffic: domestic flights are handled by Air Sofia, Bulgaria Air, Air Via. It should be noted that many flights connect Sofia and the Black Sea coast resorts (you can save on airfare in the off-season when they are sold with 50% discounts).

- Water communication: tourists are given the opportunity to travel by tourist water transport along the Black Sea and Danube (the fare is more expensive than by buses).
In addition, anyone can turn to the owners of boats or yachts, who will be happy to organize for them a river or sea trip, as well as a trip for sightseeing..


Licensed taxis are yellow cars (a price list with prices is attached to the side of the glass).
There is no single tariff for transport services, because each city has its own taxi companies (in resort areas the fare is more expensive). But it should be borne in mind that you can always negotiate with the drivers.
To use taxi services, you should go to a special taxi stand or call a taxi by phone.

Car rent

To rent you (minimum age - 23 years, driving experience - from 3 years), you will be asked to present an IDL and take out insurance.
Travel on many highways is paid: for payment it is advisable to purchase special cards, valid, for example, for a week or a month - they are sold in ports, gas stations, border crossings, post offices.
Important: regardless of the time of year and day, you need to drive a car with the headlights on (low beam).
It should be borne in mind that if you violate traffic rules and you are fined, the issued fine must be paid as soon as possible by going to the bank (bank transfer).
If a police officer withdraws your driver's license, he will be sent to your homeland by diplomatic mail.
Despite the availability of various types of vehicles in the country, it is best to travel around the country by car..